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Running a dispensary is a lot of work. Sometime you have few customers, other times long lines. Use Greetly for growth.

Check-In Customers Instead of shoppers waiting in a long line, budtenders can call the next client customer creating a more comfortable shopping experience.

Capture Customer Emails or Phone Numbers The simplest way to build your dispensary customer database. With the contact info you collect you can send special offers and product news. Skip the costly and complicated rewards program.

Budtender holding cannabis for a customer

What Users Are Saying

Greetly is a cost efficient approach to connecting visitors with the right person. I really am very impressed with the product, and I really appreciate the customer support.

- Nimesh Sachdev, Managing Director, Dephna Group, London, England

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Global temp agency Randstad uses Greetly visitor management system
Executive recruiting agency visitor registration app

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