Greetly<>Azure Integration

Is data security important to your workplace? Of course it is. Imagine the cost and headache it would be if a hacker or ex-employee had access to your employee database and visitor logbook. For Microsoft environments, there is an easy solution - Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On, commonly referred to as SSO.

With this integration, employees will only be able to access the Greetly web-admin with their Active Directory login credentials.

About Greetly 

Save Your ADMINutes with Greetly's visitor check-in app and digital package log. Setup Greetly in minutes to:

Greetly + Azure SSO = Secure Reception

Eliminate Greetly usernames and passwords that can be insecure, written down, lost or hacked. Instead, use Microsoft's Azure SSO product. Here are the steps:

  • User will navigate to her employer's organizational sign-in page. She likely does this multiple times per day to access all of her workplace tools. 
  • After logging in she will see the web-based access panel with all available software products for her profile. 
  • Click the Greetly icon and - bam - she is logged into the Greetly admin portal without a username or password. 


greetly-visitor-management-system-azure-ssoUsing the Integration

Best of all, there is nothing to setup! From Greetly's web-based admin portal,, click "Login With Azure". You will be brought to your organization's sign-in page and then into the Greetly app admin.


Now it's time to practice safe reception-ing. 

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