Meet Greetly, the app that automates visitor registration!

Every workplace needs an efficient way to register visitors and inform workers that their guests are on site, but most businesses prefer to have employees focused on vital tasks instead of being tethered to a reception desk.

That’s where Greetly comes in. Our award-winning check-in app modernizes office reception by collecting information from your guests and using phone, text, email or Slack to notify employees of arrivals. Greetly is packed with features, highly configurable and the perfect solution for all types of visitor registration needs.

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Digitize Your Visitor Registration with Greetly

Capture visitor contact information

Greetly captures each guest’s name, affiliation, contact information, host and reason for visiting. Visitors will check themselves in an easy-to-use application right on a tablet kiosk or using their own smartphone.

Take and retain guest photos

Greetly's digital receptionist will take and retain photographs of your guests. If you’re encountering someone for the first time or just need to refresh your memory about the person you’re greeting, just call up a picture from Greetly’s digital logbook.

Notify associates of client arrivals

Your team members can receive instant notifications of guest arrivals using phone, text, email or one of our many integrations, such as Slack, eliminating the need to waste precious admin hours waiting for guests in a lobby area.

Log visits and analyze data

Greetly's modernized office technology stores all of your visitor information so that it can be accessed anytime. You will be able to automate CRM updates and analyze your organization's busiest departments for any given day or time.

A Powerful Visitor Registration System



Greetly securely stores visitor information in the cloud, so it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Upgrade from paper sign-in sheets and modernize the way you track guests!



Greetly integrates with hundreds of other software products like Active Directory and Slack. Automate adding visitors to CRM lists, following up with clients and analyzing your organization’s busiest departments and times of day!



Greetly can be customized to make a perfect fit with your brand, office, industry, region, nation and even language. Put your company’s distinctive mark on the way you greet visitors!

Greetly's Got It

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to capture visitor photos, record e-signatures for NDAs, check when a guest has signed out, handle packages and food deliveries, or register guests taking part in an event or tour, Greetly can do that!

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The world's most customizable visitor registration software

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