Your Digital Visitor Logbook

Greetly will usher your front desk into a streamlined and efficient future with a flexible and robust digital visitor logbook to keep your business running smoothly.

Searching through pages of hastily scrawled visitor names will be a thing of the past once our check-in app transforms your guest register from a pen-and-paper logbook into a modern office tool. Not only will Greetly notify your employees when guests have arrived, it can also track when they depart and the reason for their visit.

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Revolutionize Your Visitor Logbook

A Completely Digitial, Cloud-based Visitor Logbook



Greetly tracks who comes in, the reason for their visit, and logs the time guests enter and depart in a cloud-based database.



Greetly can be configured to fit right in with your business, specific location or even different languages!



Employees no longer need to linger at the front desk — Greetly is ready and waiting to greet guests and send reception notifications.

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Greetly integrates with tools you already use

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The world's most customizable visitor management system

It's easy to become a smart office with Greetly. Our complete and highly customizable visitor sign-in app allows you to increase the productivity, security and analytics capabilities of your workplace. Greetly's cloud-based digital logbook registers all guest arrivals and departures in a cloud-based database accessible from anywhere by authorized employees.
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