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Meet Greetly, the app that revolutionizes your visitor logbook!

Every workplace needs to keep track of visitor arrivals and departures. Regardless of whether your main motivation is meeting regulatory requirements, ensuring on-site safety or gauging your staff’s workload, your organization deserves a visitor logbook that’s as flexible and robust as the other tools that keep your business running smoothly. Oh, and legible!

Greetly can usher your front desk into a streamlined and efficient future. Searching through pages of hastily scrawled visitor names can be a thing of the past once our check-in app transforms your guest register from a pen-and-paper logbook into a modern office tool. Not only will Greetly notify your employees when guests have arrived, it can also track when they depart and the reason for their visit.

Cloud-based visitor logbook

Don’t just collect and store visitor data — make it useful!

As a manager, there are plenty of reasons to want to know which times of day, departments and employees see the most traffic. Greetly's visitor log is a great way to analyze this data, so there’s no longer any need to wonder. Stop speculating about which courier service, restaurant or other vendor does the most business with your workplace and find out!

Greetly offers additional advantages. Its cloud-based data can be accessed any time from any place where you can connect to the web. It enables employees to see pictures of past guests whom they haven’t yet met or haven’t see in a while. Greetly can also be set up to produce visitor badges simply and easily. Our app can easily be customized to share your branding and meet your needs.

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A complete visitor management system

Whether you’re looking for a system that can electronically record NDA signatures, coordinate food and package deliveries, or record the names and contact information for tour groups or event attendees, Greetly can do that!

And then store all of those check-ins in a cloud-based visitor logbook. See all of your activity from any web-enabled device. If it happens in your reception area, you can make it happen even better with Greetly!

 Fully featured include digital visitor logbook


Greetly tracks who comes in, their reason for visiting, and when guests enter and depart!

Customize visitor check-in app with your branding 


Greetly can be configured to fit right in with your business, location or even languages!

Affordable visitor registration app


Your employees no longer need to linger at the front desk — Greetly is ready and waiting to greet guests, send reception notifications and store everything in the visitor logbook!

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