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Hey there! We haven’t chatted in a while. How are ya?

Hey there! We haven’t chatted in a while. How are ya? ←

If your schedule has been...

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Coworking Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Like any office, coworking has a cost. They question for the coworker is, do you treat it like...

Why Giving Gives Back | Greetly Super Receptionist App

It’s January 2nd, and you’re knee-deep in New Year's resolutions. New gyms have been joined,...

The Importance of Delegating. (Or, How to Preserve Your Sanity)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes as a business owner you can’t seem to delegate a task?

Greetly Greeted With 2 Awards - Best iPad Sign In App

Since we launched the Greetly iPad sign in app, our self-service digital receptionist has helped...

Treat Your Brand Equity as Gold.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first few years. You were able to ride out the storm...

Why The High Touch Versus High Tech Debate Is Old News

Whenever a new technology hits the headlines, a flurry of naysayers will swiftly highlight how...

The Work/Life Balance is Dead. Long Live Work/Life Integration.

Last week we wrote in detail about Millennials and their perception of work/life balance,...

[Digital] Receptionist Cover Letter

Dear El Jefe,

The Work/Life Balance is Dead. Or so says the Millennial | Greetly

It should come as no surprise to most that the modern day work/life balance bares almost no...

Modern Corporate Office Design Trends | Greetly Visitor Registration

Greetly recently sponsored the Office Evolution conference in Brooklyn, New York. This event was...

Technology: Friend or Foe? | Greetly High Tech Human Touch Reception

Technology plays a critical role in today's work environment. It is easy to describe how...

Coworking and Millennials - Continued

In our prior post we looked at millennial employees and their professional desires. In part two...

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