Concentrate on creativity, leave administrivia to Greetly!

No one wants to be juggling a creative undertaking with constant administration - let Greetly save your ADMINutes by doing all the grunt work for you, freeing you up to do what you love! With never a request for a lunch hour, or even a mid-day bathroom break, Greetly is on hand to make sure clients are warmly welcomed at any time of the day.

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Creative Services

Stay creative and keep daily operations running smoothly

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications

SMS, email or phone call notifications get sent out to co-working tenant and their visitor. Instantly, after check-in.

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Comprehensive customization

You want Greetly to represent your business - Greetly wants that too! With a full range of customizable check-in options, Greetly will work the way you want it to.

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Modern visuals

Greetly allows you to customize the look and feel of what is shown to your visitors.

Greetly integrates with 3rd-party applications you already use

Microsoft Active Directory
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Teams
G Suite
Google Hangouts
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Brands and creative services who use Greetly

Vita Coco
Stanley Black & Decker
Nature Sweet
Vera Bradley
Weight Watchers
iStudio Salons
Look Style Society
Food 52
Warner Bros.
Deka Lash

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