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How Visitor Management Works

Handle all all your reception needs for less than your morning coffee!

Greetly works on iOS and Android, is easy to implement and is user-friendly. This video shows the visitor experience and how easily you can customize Greetly to fit your brand and reception needs.

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Unlimited visitor and employee check-ins list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Unlimited hosts in your directory list-dote-1 list-dote-1
TOUCHLESS employee and visitor check-in list-dote-1 list-dote-1


Voice notifications - unlimited list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Text notifications - unlimited list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Email notifications - unlimited list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Microsoft Teams notifications - unlimited list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Google Chat notifications - unlimited list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Slack notifications - unlimited list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Watchlist security notifications list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Co-pilot (executive assistant notifications) list-dote-1 list-dote-1
2-way texting between hosts and visitors   list-dote-1
Automated text messages back to visitors (e.g., Wifi info or jobs page)   list-dote-1
Automated emails back to visitors (e.g., exit surveys)   list-dote-1



Multilingual - Visitors can check in using ANY language list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Customize available workflows list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Custom fields and visitor data capture list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Customize flow by type list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Your brand colors and graphics list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Custom themes list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Custom notification logos list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Custom badge logo and layout list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Custom workflow features list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Customize all verbiage visitors will see list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Customize notifications to employees list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Merge visitor information and photos into host notifications list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Drag-and-drop editor - no technical skills required list-dote-1 list-dote-1
TOUCHLESS  visitor check-in and out with driver's license scanning   list-dote-1
TOUCHLESS  employee check-in and out with badge scanning   list-dote-1
Voice notifications in 26 languages and accents   list-dote-1
Localize voice and text notification "from" phone number   list-dote-1
Customize friendly name for email notifications   list-dote-1



Active Directory
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Azure AD
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
G Suite
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Microsoft Teams
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Google Chat
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
essensys Operate
list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Zapier   list-dote-1

Secure Your People, Data, and Assets

TOUCHLESS employee and visitor check-in list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Healthy and safety screening questions list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Contract tracing list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Capture visitor photos list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Legal document eSignatures list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Single Sign-On with Azure list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Emergency evacuation notifications list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Evacuation roll call and safety log list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Check visitors against your internal Watchlist list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Unlimited hosts in your directory list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Unlimited admins list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Location change logs list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Government-issued ID scanning (to verify visitors and employees)   list-dote-1
Print visitor badges so guests are easily identified   list-dote-1
Automatically check out visitors   list-dote-1
Send visitors a checkout link   list-dote-1
Multiple admin roles and rights   list-dote-1


Digital Visitor Logbook

365-day visitor log list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Visitor and employee check in and check out data list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Realtime data list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Sort, search and filter data list-dote-1 list-dote-1
1-click download as a CSV list-dote-1 list-dote-1
1-click download as a PDF list-dote-1 list-dote-1
See visitor photos and electronically signed legal documents list-dote-1 list-dote-1
See package and ID photos list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Customize and save visitor log views list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Schedule and send automatic reports to any user list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Automatically check visitors out   list-dote-1
Check visitors out remotely   list-dote-1


Productivity Tools

Preregister visitors from admin list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Preregister visitors from calendar invite list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Speedy repeat visitor process list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Assign assistants to receive host notifications list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Unlimited admins list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Digital Mailroom [beta]   list-dote-1
Run Greetly on multiple kiosks simultaneously   list-dote-1


Benefits of the Cloud

All off-the-shelf hardware list-dote-1 list-dote-1
No on-premise servers to maintain list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Free upgrades with non-stop product updates list-dote-1 list-dote-1


Customer Support

Knowledge base list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Email - 24x7x365 list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Live chat - 24x7x365   list-dote-1
Phone - 24x7x365   list-dote-1


Simple Pricing

Straightforward pricing list-dote-1 list-dote-1
No add-ons or overuse surprises list-dote-1 list-dote-1
No onboarding costs list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Pay via credit card list-dote-1 list-dote-1
Pay via ACH, wire or check   list-dote-1

Your Questions? Our Answers!

Are you able to integrate with other systems?

Yes!  Greetly has a variety of native integrations.

Want to sync your users? Greetly can get realtime updates from Active Directory, Azure AD, Google for Work, Rippling, and others. For our shared workspaces clients, Greetly syncs with essensys Operate, Satellite Deskworks, and others.

Can we send reception notifications to your corporate instant messenger? Yes again. Greetly works with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat.

Need something else? The Greetly<>Zapier integration covers pretty much anything you want to do like feeding your CRM, sending surveys, and much more.

What do I get when I subscribe to Greetly?

Greetly is the world's most customizable, and many say the world's best visitor management system. You'll get all of the features listed in the grid in the middle of this page for your selected plan with no caps. Each plan comes with world-class customer support available 24/7/365.

Our office is very carefully branded. Will visitors see our branding or Greetly's?

The Greetly app is designed to showcase your brand and only your brand. Your visitors are your logo, brand colors, and images during the check-in process.

We are a nonprofit. Do we get a discount? Hey, what about us, we have offices around the world?

Greetly is proud to offer generous discounts for registered nonprofit organizations. Yes, we also have multi-location discounts for for-profit companies with multiple workplaces. Please contact us and we'll provide a custom quote that perfectly fits your needs.

Our lobby has a lot of different types of visitors. Can Greetly accommodate that?

Greetly is the world's most customizable visitor management system. Our flexible software can handle almost any visitor workflow you can imagine.

Schedule a demo today or contact your Account Manager for assistance making Greetly work perfectly for you and your visitors. 

Does Greetly require contracts?

No! We hate lawyers as much as you do (no offense if you are reading this Matt) so we keep it simple -- your organization can subscribe monthly or annually and you can cancel anytime.

Can Greetly keep our workplace GDPR compliant?

Yes!  Greetly has several visitor management clients in Europe and the UK who feel safe and satisfied that our visitor management system keeps them compliant with GDPR standards. Ask your Account Manager to see our Data Processing Agreement or to discuss how visitor management can assure GDPR compliance.

Are there any upfront costs?

Not from us! Brad doesn't believe in the concept so there are $0 setup, onboarding, or call-them-whatever costs -- none. But please keep in mind that to use our product you will need a tablet computer and mount. Ask us for recommendations of reasonably priced and easy-to-order hardware options.

Do I need an iPad or tablet computer to use Greetly?

No! With our new touchless visitor check-in system, your guests can check in directly from their phones. You can display a QR code and embed a link in a preregistration email confirmation. The most customizable visitor management system has really thought of everything.

Of course, many users will check in via kiosk. Greetly works with nearly all Apple iPad and Android tablets.

Let Greetly transform your reception experience

Experience Greetly free with a no-obligation demo today. During this personalized demo your Account Manager will take the time to understand your reception and security needs and show you how only Greetly can be customized to fit your digital reception goals.