The difference with Greetly's Customizable Visitor Management System

Greetly is able to provide a total solution. While we focus on building the best event and visitor check-in app, we have partnered with the amazing hardware providers to provide a complete visitor registration solution. Consider us your one-stop visitor management shop.

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How our visitor management system can help you

Provide a digital check in experience

You can modernize your reception area with a visitor management system. Your visitors will be greeted with an easy to use application right on a device like a tablet. Have them check in to see an employee, deliver a package or attend an event.

Reduce check in practices done by your staff or you

There are common practices that you may have done when a visitor checks in. With a visitor management system you can capture the visitor’s photo and print badges. Ask your own check in questions besides name and phone number. Even have them sign documents right at check in.

Review your visitor log from anywhere

Having numerous visitors come in for the day can get hectic. Visitor management systems can help you track who’s checked in and if there are visitors already checked out. You can get clear details of many visitors all in one spot. The best thing is reviewing this information from anywhere.

Stay secured and in compliance

A visitor management system shouldn’t be less secure than a in-person check in experience. You can follow GDPR compliance. Assign certain roles and rights to your users. Capture legal document signatures and give visitors the ability to check out on their own.

How Greetly's visitor management system works

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A visitor signs in on a device in your lobby

Upon arrival visitors will interact with a screen device asking to provide their name and info, take a picture, and eSign documents.


Notifications are sent to the employees

An instant notification will alert the employee or user upon their visitor check in through text, email, phone call or another communication channel.


The visitor is greeted by the employee

Both the visitor and employee knows about the check in so there’s no confusion as to what happens next. All done digitally.


Greetly, the award-winning visitor registration app!

In the old days, visitor management meant a dedicated receptionist, but that wasn't a great use of a valuable human resource. More recently organizations moved to bulky app and hardware combinations. This visitor registration software was expensive to purchase and maintain.

Greetly is the modern office solution! Our award-winning visitor check-in app works on iPad and Android tablets, technology your visitors know and understand. The visitor experience is great.
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Award-Winning Check-In App

Clients, visitors and critics alike love Greetly for its robust feature set and ease-of-use. From simple check-ins to more complex needs like visitor badges and integrations, this software is spectacular.


Visitor Management Hardware

We have scouted the world to find the best visitor check-in app hardware. Ask us about how we can provide a complete visitor management system so you can get back to growing your business.


Unlimited Text Notifications

Greetly's simple pricing includes unlimited text messages. Plus real-time voice, email and Slack notifications.


Comprehensive Customization

You want Greetly to represent your business - Greetly wants that too! With a full range of customizable check-in options, Greetly will work the way you want it to.


ID Creation and Secure Logging

An important part of any front desk, badges are instantly printed, featuring the visitor’s details, photo, and any other relevant information.


Digital Vistor Log

You can keep track of your visitors with Greetly. Easy to use and manage visitor logbook.

Safety & security

When it comes to data residence, security and service, Greetly is second to none. We have achieved a SOC 2 Type-2 attestation, a set of data security and service controls that can only be maintained through ongoing, company-wide commitment.
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Greetly integrates with tools you already use

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A Complete Visitor Management System

It's easy to become a smart office with Greetly. Our complete visitor check-in app solutions allow you to increase the productivity, secure and analytics capabilities of your office. Automate your reception desk and Save Your ADMINutes with Greetly!

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