Legal Document Electronic Signatures

Automate Collecting and Filing Legal Documents with Electronic Signatures During Visitor Registration

If your people are your most important asset, your intellectual property (IP) is likely second on that list. Helping you protect your IP is core to Greetly's product and mission of securing your workplace. 

Greetly's visitor management system can collect electronic signatures on one or more nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), waivers, or other legal documents during the sign in process. As the world's most customizable visitor management system, documents can be electronically signed directly on the visitor self-service kiosk, touchless on their own smartphone, or during the preregistration process. You can have different types of visitors electronically sign different legal documents, or none at all.

Documents with eSignatures are immediately converted into PDFs, timestamped with the signature date, time, and location. PDFs with electronic signatures are securely stored and immediately available for review in your digital visitor log. You can also automate pushing signed forms into the cloud-based storage of your choice.

How Our Visitor Sign-in App Can Help You


You need to protect your IP and to pass compliance needs. In the old days, you might try to coordinate electronic NDAs on legal documents ahead of a visitor's appointment. But when they arrive, who knows whether it has been signed? Was it filed correctly?

Or, you could have a receptionist or admin staff have visitors eSign documents when visitors arrive. Awkward. Plus, now you have important paper documents that you need to file, or digitize and then eFile. That is, if they are not lost. When you need to review these NDAs, can you actually retrieve them? Do you have repeat visitors sign a new document every visit since you have no one way knowing whether they have a current document on file? 

All of this is solved by incorporating legal document digital signatures directly into the visitor registration process.

Your Legal Document

Greetly is the most customizable visitor management software in the world. That's why we give you (OK, your lawyers really) complete control over the legal document. Upload into the Greetly admin the exact NDA, waiver, legal consent, or another legal document you need electronic signatures on. Greetly will present it in an easy-to-review digital format with a clear signature block.

Multiple Legal Documents

Need digital signatures on more than one document? Perhaps a nondisclosure agreement and a separate recognition of safety protocols? Did we mention customization? With Greetly you can present, one, two, or even 10 documents for visitors to eSign.

Sign On Kiosk or Touchless or Before They Arrive

As an innovator, Greetly was the first cloud-based visitor management to offer touchless sign in. Guests can complete the exact same registration process on their smartphones before they arrive or while sitting in your lobby. Or, of course, using a self-service visitor check in kiosk. Whatever they choose, you will capture the exact same eSigned documents to keep you safe and in compliance.

Stay Secure and in Compliance

The visitor registration process gives your organization an electronic signature on your legal document, with the date, time, and physical location of where it was signed. This protects your IP and keeps your workplace in compliance.

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Legal document electronic signatures on a visitor management system

How Legal Document Electronic Signatures Work


Visitor sign in self service kiosk on a reception desk

A Visitor Checks Themself In

Using touchless visitor management or via a kiosk, a guest check themselves in when they arrive at your workplace. The check in process can capture any visitor information you need, visitor photos, print badges, take temperatures, and much more.

Signing an NDA through a visitor management system

The Visitor Is Presented With Your NDA

During the check-in process, your visitor is presented with the exact NDA (or waiver or consent agreement) that you uploaded. They can review the agreement, and when they are ready, use their finger to create a digital signature. 

Greetly virtual receptionist checklist

The NDA is Securely Stored

Upon completion of the check-in process, Greetly gets to work sending host notifications which can include visitor photos. It also securely stores PDFs of all electronic documents, including the time, data, and physical location where it was signed. And just like that your IP is safe and your workplace compliant.

eSign PDF legal documents with touchless visitor register

Greetly, the Award-Winning Visitor Management Software!

Electronic signatures are just one component.

Greetly is a full-featured and cloud-based visitor management solution. Greetly is loved by tech companies, manufacturing plants, staffing agencies, government offices, and workplaces just like yours because our virtual receptionist software is easy to use and highly customizable.

Greetly is the visitor management innovator. We were the first to launch touchless visitor sign in and to incorporate temperature checks. These new features augmented visitor badges, emergency evacuation notifications, and a watchlist to keep your work environment safe and productive.

Our award-winning visitor sign-in application works on iPad and Android tablets, technology your staff and visitors both know and understand.  Greetly was also the first contactless visitor sign in app to keep you and your workplace healthy and productive.

Greetly 's visitor sign-in app makes your front desk your most productive desk.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

eSign documents and other visitor management integrations

How do visitors eSign legal documents using Greetly?

Here is how legal document electronic signatures are incorporated into the visitor management process:

  • Using virtual receptionist software, visitors initiate the check in process. This can be done at your front desk on a self-service kiosk or touchless using their smartphones.
  • During the check in process, visitors are presented with the NDA, waiver, or any other legal document your team has uploaded.
  • Using their finger, they create a digital signature.
  • The visitor management software automatically converts the legal document into a PDF with the date, time, and physical location where it was signed.
  • Completed legal documents are securely stored in a cloud-based visitor log.

We want to secure our IP with eSignatures integrated into our visitor management process. How do we get started?

Click here to instantly schedule a demo with a friendly and knowledgeable Greetly account manager. Not only will you see Greetly in action but we can even configure a location with your branding and workflows before you leave the demo.

We need visitors to digitally sign multiple legal documents. Can Greetly do that?

Yes. With our customizable workflows, you can present as many documents for electronic signatures as you need. You can also configure the points during the sign in process that each is shown to your visitors.

We need visitors to sign waivers, not nondisclosure agreements.

Not a problem. Greetly will capture electronic signatures on any legal document you upload to our system. Hey, we aren't lawyers, we're just lowly are software developers dedicated to keeping your work environment safe and productive. 

What happens if a visitor does not sign the NDA?

By default, if a visitor declines to sign your legal document they cannot complete their registration. Using our workflow customizations though you can allow them to check themselves in but notify staff of their decision not to eSign.

Can I customize the legal documents?

Greetly will present to visitors the exact legal document you upload to our system. What your lawyer wants, your lawyer gets.

Can you collect eSignatures using touchless visitor management?

Yes. The check in process is exactly the same whether the visitor uses a kiosk or touchless visitor sign in software. That includes capturing photos, printing visitor badges, capturing vital information, and, yes, digital signatures on nondisclosure agreements.

Who uses Greetly's electronic signature feature?

A wide variety of clients:
  • Tech companies use eSign PDFs to protect their IP. 
  • Staffing agencies capture electronic signatures acknowledging the terms of services. 
  • Coworking spaces have event attendees eSign waivers. 
  • Service-based retailers capture digital signatures on Terms of Service.
  • Financial service providers use the electronic signature to highlight the potential risks associated with their products.
  • Hospitality clients capture digital signatures to maintain regulatory compliance.

The list of ways electronic signatures can protect your workplace are endless.

After having visitors sign our legal documents, does Greetly send reception notifications?

Yes. Host alerts are core to our visitor register software.

Each host can choose their own notification preferences. They can choose one or more of the following options:

  • Voice call to a mobile or landline
  • Text message
  • Email
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Chat

All pricing plans include unlimited host notifications (and unlimited eSignatures too)!

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