Visitor Management System

Greetly is the world's most customizable visitor management software. Greetly will represent your brand and fulfill all of your reception needs.

Despite having every feature you can imagine, Greetly is intuitive for visitors to use and easy for you to set up and run. With visitor reports at your fingertips, your workplace will be safer, more compliant, and more productive the ever.

What’s Greetly?

Easy to Use Visitor Management System

  • Save on a traditional receptionist with our intuitive to use friendly application
  • Fully customizable platform that integrates with all well-known messaging and CRMs
  • Simple set-up and management process
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Used by Leading Brands From Around the World

Visitor check-in app for tech companies
County government services queue management software
DHL maintains compliance with visitor logbook
Dallas Cowboys visitor check-in notifications
Shared workspace and executive suites visitor check-in solution
College and university visitor management software
NPR uses Greetly's touchless visitor management system
Bleeding edge startup visitor management system
University check in app
Energy company Chevron using Greetly for visitor check in
How It Works

Modernize and Streamline Your Front Desk Section

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Schedule a free demo

Instantly schedule a live, personal Webinar demo. No need for payment information either. Your personal Account Manager will demonstrate how to perfectly customize Greetly to satisfy your reception needs.

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Step-by-step startup guide - or we'll do it for you

Follow the simple and helpful setup guide to configure Greetly to your business. In under fifteen minutes you’ll have successfully made all the introductions and provided Greetly with the right look - the fastest receptionist onboarding process in the world!

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Ready to impress visitors

Clear Greetly some desk space and put your new check-in app in place ready to welcome your visitors! (5)
Welcome Every Guest

Modernize and Streamline Your Front Desk


Instant Notifications

As soon as your guest finishes using our visitor sign-in app, Greetly wants to make sure the right member is notified! Instant notifications mean that no matter where in the building you are, your guest’s arrival is announced and you can make your way down.

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Friendly and Simple to Use

The very purpose of Greetly is to be easy for a visitor to understand and use on the front desk, and happily it extends this ethos to all other interface functions. You’ll have no problem setting up Greetly just the way you want it - within minutes of setup you’ll have it smiling and ready for its first day at work!

Comprehensive Customization

You want Greetly to represent your business - Greetly wants that too! With a full range of customizable check-in workflows, from the data you gather from visitors, to the streamlined branding they see when they interact with the system, Greetly will work the way you want it to. Structure the welcoming interface the way that suits you and your customers, and make Greetly a real member of the team.

Instantly print visitor badges so guests are easily identified

Print Visitor Badges

Maintaining security is an important part of any front desk, and Greetly doesn’t let you down here. Badges are instantly printed, featuring the visitor’s details, photo, and any other relevant information, helping turn awkward ‘can’t remember your name’ moments into slightly-less embarrassing ‘staring at your badge’ moments!

Third-Party Software Integration

Like many receptionists, Greetly loves to socialize! With full software support, you can integrate with any of the leading corporate messaging systems to alert staff - plus share data with your customer management system and internal databases for full reporting functionality. Greetly's visitor management system is designed to fit seamlessly in place with all your current systems - just another way to minimize your administrivia!

Integrations with G Suite, Active Directory, Zapier, and many more
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What Our Customers Say

“We have subscribed to Greetly for our four offices suites facilities since early 2016. It has been a great addition. Greetly provides a central service for the businesses in our buildings. Overall it has been an excellent experience.”

“Great experience. Very easy to set up and start using immediately. Very intuitive. We use it at the front of our office for visitors to check in and alert the employee they are looking for. It calls the employees desk and sends them a text to alert them of the visitor so they can come greet them and open the door.”

“I love that I can change the functionality of Greetly on my own. I change it frequently depending on what is going on in my office. It also looks very professional and is easy to use. I manage 3 locations and I have the ability to remotely update each location with the click of a save button.”

Amazing Stats

Greetly by the Numbers

10 Million

Visitors Checked In Through Greetly


Fortune 500 Companies use Greetly


Countries use Greetly today

Who We Work With

Industries That Love Greetly

These workplaces that get more done with Greetly

  • Finance

  • Staffing Agencies

  • Technology

  • Government

  • Coworking

  • Creative Services



With Greetly, you won’t have to worry about security threats. Everyone and everything is protected by our system. Remove any fears for your employees, your data or your intellectual property. Learn more about how Greetly works with Finance.


Staffing Agencies

An overworked front desk? With enthusiastic candidates coming in off the street, and important clients always on the go, manning the front desk of a staffing agency can be hard work. Not so for Greetly! Learn more about how Greetly works with Staffing Agencies. (2)


Greetly is the ultimate tech-company ‘hello!’ A clean user-interface, instant response communication and data collection in one simple piece of software. Make your front desk the modern welcome that impresses your clients. Learn more about how Greetly works with Technology Companies.



Greetly makes sure that guests are not kept waiting longer than they have to be. In a busy government environment, cutting down on delays is key - Greetly’s advanced interface and communication systems are here to help take the strain. Learn more about how Greetly works with Government.



Greetly loves shared office spaces! There’s no better environment for a top quality virtual receptionist than a complex office environment with multiple freelancers and small businesses to cater for! Learn more about how Greetly works with Coworking.

Creative Services

No one wants to be juggling a creative undertaking with constant administration - let Greetly save your ADMINutes by doing all the grunt work for you, freeing you up to do what you love! Learn more about how Greetly works with Agencies.

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