Queue Management System

Smart Queue Management Efficiently Handles Customers, Clients, Constituents, & Students

Digital visitor management is essential for every type of modern workplace. But if your reception area sees a high volume of guests, whether they are customers or clients, interview candidates, constituents using government agency services, or patients, maximizing the visitor experience is essential. Having a smart queuing system means you can see the most guests by efficiently using your most valuable asset, your service providers' time. It also creates a great first impression, showcasing your office as technically advanced and organized.

Having the right queuing system is vital for any business or industry. People who experience long wait times and disorganized queue management will easily lose interest and even have negative opinions about a company. Not only will this result in higher dissatisfaction but can lead to lost sales and traffic in the long run.

The good news is that there is a way for businesses and organizations to improve their queue experience and manage wait times better. One way they can do this is through the streamlined process provided by a queue line management system.

What Is Queue Line Management?

Today’s highly-digitized business environment has made effective queuing a must for brands to succeed. Generally, customers do not enjoy the queuing process, but offerings that are in high demand or highly trafficked locations make the need to have queues inevitable.

A queue line management system can make this process as efficient as possible. Effective platforms are able to manage the queuing experiences of attendants, personnel, and visitors while improving sales, reducing expenses, and enhancing business reputation.

There are a few types of queue line management systems available nowadays. At Greetly, we offer a fully customizable platform designed to check guests in and out securely. Our system establishes a virtual queue that ensures all visitors are accounted for and monitored.

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Queue Management System Benefits

Greetly is the world's most customizable visitor management system. We check guests in gathering all the information you need to provide great service in an efficient manner.

Creating Warm Welcomes

Minimize the wait. Your customers already traveled to see you and now they are ready to be seen so they can get on with their days.

Greetly offers a self-help check-in system using a queue management kiosk. Or, they can go contactless and sign in from their own smartphones.

Greetly can be customized to show only your logo and colors. Workflows can also be customized for each type of visitor that might arrive, including gathering different pieces of information and adding them to separate queues. Greetly can even handle employee guests, packages, and food deliveries.

Save Time and Money

Greetly was honored to be named "Best ROI" by G2. That's why the US Air Force, states, local governments, and hundreds of commercial organizations use Greetly. Customers check themselves in freeing up reception personnel. Then, we maximize customer service employee utilization while guests know they will be seen in a timely manner.

Our queue system software is used in 24 countries and visitors check-in using Greetly in 42 languages! (Did we mention we speak every language?).

More Communication Equals a Better Experience

Communication is key to a successful queue management implementation. Service providers need to know who is next in the queue. Automate this task for host alert notifications.

Even better, Greetly can maintain the dialog after their visit. Our smart queue system can send thank you messages via email or text. Or surveys so you can learn more about your users and their experience at your office.

Data, Analytics, and Maintaining Compliance

Great queue management is about more than just checking visitors in and putting them into the proper queue. The benefits also include learning so you can seek continuous improvement.

Virtual queue software gives you a realtime view of your operations. How many visitors do you receive? For which services? On which days? Who has been waiting the longest right now? Now you can optimize your staffing and remove bottlenecks.

Are you subject to compliance requirements or audits? Whether you many a single site or several premises, your cloud-based queuing system makes it easy to gather all of the data to respond to an audit in minutes rather than days.

What Industries Can Benefit the Most From Queue Line Management?

Every organization can benefit from having satisfied customers. However, there are specific industries that can leverage a queue line management system better simply because of how their process works.

These are the main industries that can benefit the most from smart queue management:

Industry #1: Healthcare Facilities

It is common to find patients who are stressed and worried in healthcare facilities. Often, these individuals come in feeling unwell and disoriented.

Healthcare facilities are constantly being pressured to provide people with quality service. This is especially difficult to achieve when these establishments have limited resources.

However, improving the patient experience is essential for providers. One way they can accomplish this is by ensuring a comfortable environment overall for both the staff and the people they serve.


With a smart digital queue system, healthcare facilities can streamline their entire check-in and check-out process. Some of the main benefits the right platform can provide include:

  • Stress-free management of appointments, arrivals, and queues
  • Enhancing the flow of people who come in and out of the facility
  • Minimizing the number of individuals waiting in a lobby or waiting room
Industry #2: Retail

Besides buying in-store, a growing number of consumers are now deciding to purchase items they need online and on mobile devices. With customer expectations changing and increasing in terms of demand, retailers need to come up with a seamless customer journey to ensure satisfaction.

Implementing a customer queue management system can provide these shops with the insights they need to know to prepare and meet these expectations.


A smart platform can benefit retailers by improving customer experiences. These are some features to consider:

  • Mobile queuing: Customers can check in and out through their mobile devices to make buying from a store easier and stress-free.
  • Location-based app: Brands taking advantage of location-based mobile apps can make it easier for customers to locate their stores. It also ensures seamless online purchases and pickups.
  • Digital notifications: It reduces the overall customer waiting time by keeping them updated through messages and other forms of notifications.
Industry #3: Public Sector

The public sector is currently experiencing a digital transformation, and the implementation of a modern, digital queue system is one of its many initiatives. The recent pandemic has pushed government institutions to look for a way that ensures safety for both clients and their staff.

This task isn’t as easy for the public sector. Government offices face numerous challenges such as skill shortage, limited budgets, and credentials for sensitive information. Having the right queue line management system is seen as an ideal solution given that it can make the most of available resources while freeing up critical manpower.


Some of the main benefits that government facilities can leverage with the right queue management system include:

  • Improved flexibility and accessibility: You can support in-office services while also offering excellent remote assistance to users. Better flexibility means people can have the ability to select how and when they can schedule appointments.
  • Better communication and process transparency: Guide people through preparing for their upcoming appointment with notifications and reminders. Users can stay informed at every touchpoint with regular updates.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Automating administrative tasks using a smart queue line management system helps manage staff workload. Such features also ensure workflows stay streamlined while allowing offices to distribute work evenly to all assigned employees.
Industry #4: Financial Institutions

Providing customers with quality solutions and great experiences is a must for financial institutions. Failing to guarantee either one of these components will result in people moving to different providers.

That’s why those in the finance field need to improve their perception. The problem here is that working towards providing customers with better service experiences often means having to bring in more employees, which is simply not sustainable for most establishments.

The ideal waiting line management system can significantly affect the quality of service and overall efficiency of financial institutions. What makes these platforms even better is that they don’t require a significant investment to get started.


Queue management systems can provide establishments like banks with the following benefits:

  • Reduced need for hiring additional staff
  • Productivity gains for sales teams
  • Better staff management
  • Lower guest waiting times
  • Increased overall sales

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Using a queue management system kiosk

How Electronic Queue Management Increases Visitor and Employee Satisfaction

Electronic queue management system price

Self-Help Visitor Check-In

Never keep an important stakeholder waiting. Customers, students, and constituents check themselves in via kiosk or contactless using their own smartphones. Repeat visitors can check in faster by scanning a QR code.

Multi-lingual visitor check-in software

Speaks Any Language

Visitors can check-in in any language. Yes, the most multi-lingual visitor management solution can literally be in any language. This makes visitors comfortable in providing the right information so they can receive the best service possible.

Best government queue management solutions

Build Electronic Queues

Don't keep your most important stakeholders waiting in lines. With digital queuing once they register they are immediately placed in the proper digital line. Service providers can call the next person to be seen and guests can also be notified by voice call, text message, or email.

What To Consider When Choosing a Queue Management System

Many industries can benefit from having a proper queue line management system. Unfortunately, not all platforms are created equal. Choosing the wrong system for your business or organization can have major consequences in the long run.


Here are important factors to consider when looking for a queue management system:

Integrated process

You can only improve upon your existing customer journey when you take into account all of their touchpoints. That’s why your chosen system should have the ability to be customizable to meet your processes. 

Readily scalable

You want to make sure that your queue line management platform can accommodate changing and growing demands. It should also have the ability to transform with your organization when it expands.

Multi-lingual support

Visitors and customers should be able to check in with your queue management system in the language of their choosing. With multi-lingual support, you can ensure better experiences through improved services.

Improved data collection

Acquiring insights to further improve and streamline your queuing service should be possible with your chosen platform. This benefit is particularly important since data analysis and learning about your business traffic leads to enhanced performance, more efficient staffing, and can mean the difference between attracting and losing customers.

Self-help features

The queue line management system you choose needs to have self-help features, so your stakeholders don’t have to wait around to get to where they need. A platform that allows students, guests, and customers to check in on their own using contactless or kiosk solutions is highly beneficial.

Data security

Your chosen solution should guarantee that all data obtained from visitors and customers is kept safe at all times. It also needs to have the functionality to meet compliance requirements at a moment’s notice.

Benefits of using queue system kiosks

Smart Queue Management Leads to Better Visitor Experiences

Greetly's mission is to provide the best visitor management experience. We do this by being the world's most customizable digital queuing system.

Do your guest come seeking different services? Our Client Success team will setup different registration workflows that capture the exact information your team needs to provide best-in-class service. Whether you need to collect:

  • Basic contact information
  • A more complicated series of questions, directed by prior responses
  • Visitor photos
  • Driver's license scanning
  • Show a video
  • Electronic signatures on waivers or other legal documents
  • So my more possibilities we would run out of bits and bytes if we listed them all

We also make the sign-in process easy for your guests thanks to:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Touchless check-in
  • Scanning a government-issued ID speeds up the process
  • Emails or text messages confirming they have been added to the queue 
  • Automate follow-up communications like feedback surveys or requests for a review

For your firm, queue management system benefits include more efficient use of your personnel, great first impressions, better data, more communication touchpoints with your visitors, and the ability to maintain all regulatory compliance requirements.

Your Queue Management System Awaits

Greetly provides modern businesses and organizations with the cloud-based queue management platform they need to ensure easy and seamless visitor accommodation. Our system guarantees that your visitors and customers get the services they need as soon as possible with an easy and stress-free experience. With our self-help features, queuing should be straightforward.

You don’t need to install expensive hardware that can significantly affect your budget. Our affordable and flexible pricing plans can allow you to decide on the right package that meets your needs.

Greetly is available for both iOS and Android devices, making implementation expedient and uncomplicated. Our knowledge and expertise in queue management allow us to accommodate your needs with in depth product support and brand customizability.

Interested in giving our queue line management system a try? Book a demo today to see how our platform can benefit your business.


What is an electronic queuing system?

Many types of organizations need to put their visitors into one or more queues. Examples include:

  • Visitor using the best customer queue management systemGovernment agencies that provide services like driver's licenses, permits, or medical services.
  • Stores that receive customers for sales or customer service.
  • Walk-in medical offices.
  • Student services facilities.
  • Finance organizations.

The traditional method involved reception staff manually adding visitors to the waitlist. They might need to check government-issued identification, ask a series of questions, or understand their prior visit history to place them into the proper queue. And also to ensure they meet regulatory compliance.

The modern approach is to utilize a cloud-based queue management system. These virtual receptionists digitize the entire visitor management experience.

Queue management system benefits include:

  • More privacy as customers can check themselves in via queue management kiosk or touchless on their own smartphones.
  • Take advantage of different workflows for different visitor types. You can collect different data and even show safety or promotional videos during the registration process.
  • Personnel spends less time on administrative tasks and can focus on serving customers.
  • Scan government-issued ID, like driver's licenses, for visitor verification.
  • Take visitor photos.
  • Have customers sign legal documents like Terms of Service or waivers.
  • Visitor data and insights into when customers arrive and which services are most utilized. 
  • Automate communications to visitors including surveys about their experience or bounceback coupons.
  • The ability to quickly run reports to pass internal or third-party audits.

How do I get started with Greetly's award-winning digital queuing system?

Smart move! Your coworkers will thank you for keeping your workplace safe, productive, and free of COVID.

Click here to instantly schedule a live software demonstration. During this no-obligation meeting, a Greetly account manager will take the time to understand your reception needs and customize Greetly so you achieve them in spades.

Once you subscribe you will have access to 24/7/365 support to assist in updating your configuration, running reports, and any other support you might need.

Who uses queue management software?

Clients across industries use Greetly's virtual receptionist as a queue management system. Samples include:

  • Showing queue management system benefits High-traffic retail stores that receive customers for sales or customer service.
  • Financial services firms greeting their current and future clients.
  • Walk-in medical offices including physical care and mental health.
  • Government agencies that provide constituent services like driver's licenses, permits, or medical services.
  • College and university groups that provide student services.

Firms in these industries and others use customer queuing systems to:

  • Automate the reception function.
  • Re-deploy personnel.
  • Create great first impressions.
  • Automate communications to visitors.
  • Digitally log visitors so they can run reports, maintain compliance, and pass internal or third-party audits.

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