How Cannabis Companies Grow with Visitor Management

Impress customers. Maintain compliance. A better way to manage your dispensary and grow.

Growing a cannabis business, whether a retail dispensary, cultivation facility, extraction shop, logistics business, or all the above, you’re challenged with operating an efficient shop while complying with a complex range of regulatory requirements. With Greetly welcoming your most important visitors, you can safeguard your product, equipment, and people while also offering a smooth check-in experience.  

And an effective visitor management system does even more for your cannabis company… 

When guests enter a legal marijuana business that uses Greetly’s virtual receptionist, our touchless visitor sign-in solution streamlines intake which can include driver’s license scanning. Why is this valuable? Because when visitors encounter a digital receptionist they experience speed, accuracy, and privacy, their first impression is that they’re entering an organization that understands technology and branding. Yes, Greetly’s visitor management solution displays only your brand and check-workflows that meet your exact reception and compliance needs. With Greetly, the strength of your brand is front and center – and first impressions are at the door of your business.  

When check-in is complete, Greetly sends host alert notifications with the visitor’s name, photo, and any other info you need so employees can welcome the guest warmly and promptly. The visitor management software not only logs the visitor’s entry but can also allow you to build a visitor database that can be used in several ways, including the cultivation of relationships that may generate business growth. For example, you can automate follow-up communications to ensure you don’t lose important connections and reduce contact information errors that often result from paperwork. Run visitor log reports in seconds, or automate them, to analyze visitor trends and respond to internal or third-party audits. 

Greetly is a better way to greet visitors – and a better way to promote, conduct, and grow your cannabis business. 

Visitor management with mass customization

Why Leading Cannabis Companies Use Greetly's Visitor Management System

We all know some people are shy when it comes to their cannabis needs. Remove the nervousness with Greetly.

For customers and vendors, Greetly looks like a friendly face that allows them to conduct business and get on with their day. After all, we provide a simple-to-use interface including touchless customer check-in.

When you look deeper though you'll see that Greetly is a powerful tool that can help you maintain compliance, pass audits, and grows your CRM database or loyalty program.

Friendly Visitor Greeting and Data Logging is the Greetly Advantage

Features of the best lobby tracking software

Impress Customers

Give your customers and business partners a great first impression. A tech-forward approach that puts them in control.

Plus, Greetly can automate communications with your customers. Want to send them specials after the check-in? Or a survey after they finish their business? Build customer engagement and loyalty with Greetly's customer sign-in software.

Retail store host alert notifications

Instant Visitor Queues

Say 'bye bye' to long lines. Greetly's visitor check-in app will create an electronic customer queue. Or separate queues for Rec and Med.

Budtenders have a real-time log of who is next to be seen, which can include a photo image of the customer, their driver's license details, and more so they can start serving the next guest.

Customizable startup visitor management software

Compliance is a Breeze

Being in a highly regulated industry, cannabis companies need to know everyone that comes and goes from their dispensaries, grows, and extraction facilities. This no longer needs to be a burden.

Our virtual receptionist can scan driver's licenses and state-issued cannabis industry IDs. Not only does Greetly help you stay compliant, we make collecting data and running reports fast and easy.

What Are the Benefits of Using Visitor Management Systems for the Cannabis Industry?

Our management team had been searching for a solution our customers could use to elevate their shopping experience. Greetly’s technology has delivered on its promise to make our customers’ entry and exit into our three locations easy and seamless, allowing for a better shopping experience. We look forward to the next 50,000 shoppers having a flawless interaction with the VMS solution as the first 40,000 users already have."
- Joe VanOudenhove III, Sky King Fireworks Franchise Owner

Customer-Friendly Self-Help Check-In

Research shows that most people prefer to use technology to help themselves and ensure accuracy. This is especially true in cannabis where some people wish to maintain privacy around their visits to dispensaries. The best visitor management systems can be customized to capture exactly the information you need to maintain compliance for both REC and MED shoppers, plus visitors to your grow and extraction facilities.

The check-in process is fast and it eliminates miscommunication and human error. And even faster for repeat visitors or guests who have preregistered themselves. They can just scan a QR code and they are automatically checked in.

Best cannabis dispensary customer check-in appBuild Your Loyalty Database

Customers get to use a friendly sign-in app that makes every guest comfortable. Behind the scenes, Greetly is a customer loyalty ninja.

Your digital receptionist solution can grow your CRM and loyalty programs with every customer check-in. We can collect names, contact information, and more so you are able to customize communications with first-time and regular visitors.

Automate Communications

Greetly offers unlimited host alert notifications. When visitors or deliveries arrive, staff can be notified by voice call to mobile or landline phone (including extensions), text message (SMS), email, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, and/or Slack. That is just the tip of the iceburg.

Greetly's customer check-in software can also automate messages back to customers. For example, Greetly can automatically send to customers current specials, exit surveys, or a thank you for shopping at your store a few hours after their visit. These can be sent by text message or email.

Whatever you wish to communicate with customers Greetly can accommodate.

Contactless Visitor Check-In

Long before the onset of COVID-19, many people preferred to help themselves. Today, visitors demand touchless check-in.

Modern visitor check-in software allows visitors to sign into your cannabis dispensary, grow, or back office from their own smartphones. This includes entering their name and contact information, electronically signing documents, and even scanning their government-issued ID. All of this reduces the risk of COVID-19 and other illnesses overwhelming staffing and making constituents sick.

Streamline Customer Queues

Visitor check-in systems automate the queue management process. When a customer checks themselves into your dispensary, they are automatically added to a queue for assistance. Cannabis organization employees see a realtime log of who is next to be seen, potentially including a photo image of the visitor. 

Visitor management systems can also automate processes like asking guests to complete an online profile, providing Wifi information, and sending a survey after they exit the premises. Package and food deliveries can also be handled by visitor management software. 

Marijuana grow visitor compliance software

Maintain Compliance

Visitor management systems capture and securely log the visitor’s information, ranging from their contact information, reason for visit, and timestamp. More advanced features include scanning government-issued identification, including both driver's licenses and MED cards. Greetly can even capture electronic signatures on legal documents like NDAs waivers. 

If the state comes calling with an audit, you'll be able to respond in minutes versus days with manual visitor management processes. Our cloud-based visitor log allows you to view customer and vendor information at a single dispensary or across all of your premises. You can search, sort, and filter the data, save custom reports, download them, or even have them automatically sent to your inbox on a timely basis.


Greetly Is Already Welcoming Visitors for Top Cannabis Companies

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A Visitor Check-in App Unlike Any Other

Schedule a free demo with Greetly today! We will take the time to get to know your business and share all of Greetly's simple-to-use features that guarantee an excellent experience for your customers and ensure your workplace's efficiency and productivity. 

Our award-winning visitor check-in app works on iPad and Android tablets, and touchless on visitors' own smartphones, technology your customers know and understand. Greetly creates a great customer experience while keeping your workplace healthy and productive.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

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Why do cannabis companies use a visitor check-in app?

There are many reasons cannabis companies are quickly adopting visitor check-in software.

What are the benefits of customer check-in software?

There are many reasons tech companies adopt virtual receptionists. Here are the five biggest benefits of utilizing a customer check-in system:

  1. Best cannabis customer check-in solutionSaving Time, Gaining Productivity
  2. Better Data Collection
  3. Visitor Privacy
  4. Organizational Security
  5. A Professional Image

What are customer management best practices?

How dispensaries, grows, extraction facilities, and back offices manage visitors can vary broadly. For some, the process of visitor check-in is regimented and formal. For others, handling guests is a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants affair. But given the regulatory nature of the cannabis industry, it is important to make sure everything is documented.

cannabis-dispensary-check-in-app-1Regardless of the visitor management system you use, there are certain aspects to the process of handling guests that are common across the board and each step is important to the functioning of your organization, the safety of your employees and data, the comfort of the guest, and -- most importantly -- the overall efficiency of time spent.

Here are the six most important visitor management techniques:

  1. Recognize Visitors' Arrival and Make Them Comfortable
  2. Identify the Type of Visitor
  3. Visitor Sign In
  4. Notify the Host
  5. Visitor Check Out
  6. Maintain a Visitor Log

Read our blog post How to Manage Visitors Like a Fortune 500 Company in Six Steps to learn more.

What is a digital visitor management system?

A digital visitor management system is software that automates the entire visitor process, from sign-in to monitoring guest movements while on the premises, through their departure.

Modern digital visitor management is cloud-based and the best systems:

  • Visitor using contactless customer check in systemEnsures workplace safety since it keeps an electronic log of everyone who enters your workplace. 
  • Creates an excellent impression as visitors are given an orderly and warm welcome.
  • Automates and speeds up workplace processes. There’s no more need for manually informing an employee that their visitor has arrived.
  • Improves employee happiness and productivity because they don’t have to handle visitors in person. They can spend more time doing other tasks while avoiding repetitive tasks.
  • Through temperature scanning and touchless features, it reduces employee exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
  • Creates a comprehensive digital trail that helps create reports and audit purposes.


How do I set up a visitor management system?

Best customer check in software customizationSetting up a virtual receptionist the correct way allows your organization to automate the reception function while giving guests a great first impression of your tech company.

Here are the steps you should follow when setting up your visitor management software.

Here are the steps to set up a visitor management system:

Select a Visitor Management System

Configure Your Visitor Management Software

Setup Hardware


Notify Employees


What is touchless visitor management?

Using contactless visitor check in softwareTouchless technology is a form of electronics control technology that makes it possible for users to control a digital system without any form of physical contact.

Greetly offers a touchless visitor management system. This allows for contactless entry while still capturing all necessary visitor information, including name, company, the host they are visiting, and even more complex tasks like scanning driver's licenses, taking photos, and having them e-sign legal documents.

No-touch visitor check-in technology keeps COVID-19 and other illnesses out of your office, creating a frictionless experience for guests and employees.

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