Warmly welcome customers without awkwardness

We all know that people can be shy when it comes to their medical needs. Remove the need for nervousness with Greetly - a friendly face that can help customers effortlessly get the order they want. With a simple-to-use interface and fully confidential record keeping, Greetly gives your customers confidence and security from the very first moment.

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Cannabis Dispensary

Greet and manage your visitors to grow your business

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

SMS, email or phone call notifications get sent out to co-working tenant and their visitor. Instantly, after check-in.

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Cloud-based Visitor Logs

You can keep track of your visitors and audits with Greetly. Easy to use and manage visitor logbook.

CRM List

Build CRM List

Greet your visitors and allow them to sign in. The information you can collect can be transferred to your CRM.

Greetly integrates with 3rd-party applications you already use

Microsoft Active Directory
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Teams
G Suite
Google Hangouts
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Download our digital receptionist checklist

Greetly provides an easy to use checklist to help you find what you need in a visitor management system. Please fill out your email below and you'll receive our checklist immediately.

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It takes a few minutes to get Greetly working for you! Our two week trial lets you see how helpful Greetly can be at no-obligation and no need for sharing your credit card details. Try our application today!

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