How Coworking Spaces Build Community withVisitor Management

A welcoming shared workplace. A streamlined visitor check-in process. And better data for building your coworking community.

A coworking space community manager does it all. From building a strong member community to attracting new shared workspace users to managing an endless stream of visitors and package and food deliveries. With Greetly handling visitor check-in and check-out of your business center, you can offer an attractive visitor management process freeing up your team to focus on people. But an effective visitor management system does even more for your coworking facility… 

When guests enter a Greetly-hosted shared office, whether for a meeting, to tour the space, deliver food or a package, or to attend an event, our touchless visitor check-in solution streamlines capturing names, taking visitor photos, and more. Why is this valuable? Because when visitors encounter a multilingual digital receptionist experience with speed, accuracy, and privacy, their first impression is that they’re entering an organization that’s run with efficiency. Your visitor management solution will showcase your brand and graphics creating great first impressions at the point of entry to your business. 

When visitor check-in is complete, the host can be notified including the visitor’s name and photo so they can warmly greet their guest. The digital reception solution not only logs the visitor’s entry but can also check the name against a watchlist to indicate if a visitor requires special screening. Giving your staff that peace of mind allows them to confidently interact with visitors, leading to more positive communication between parties.  

Your company further benefits from the ability to collect check-in data, allowing you to cultivate relationships that may generate future community strength. Build your marketing list of future members and event guests. Send surveys to people who took tours or attended events. All of this and more is possible with the world’s most customizable visitor sign-in software. 

Greetly is a better way to greet visitors – and a better way to protect, conduct, and grow your coworking space business. 

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Why Leading Shared Workspaces Use Greetly's Visitor Management System

There’s no better environment for a top quality virtual receptionist than a complex office environment catering to multiple businesses! You have a lively lobby with visitor coming for meetings, a nonstop steam of package and food deliveries, plus tours, and event attendees. As the leading contactless visitor check-in system, Greetly can also keep your staff, members, and visitors healthy and productive.

Greetly also offers a leading Digital Mailroom. Cut down the time spent on mail and package notifications from hours to minutes even for the busiest coworking environments.

What Are the Benefits of Using Visitor Management Systems for Coworking?

"The Greetly iPad receptionist means we don't have to use staff to give access
to the space. Instead, they can service the space, our members, visitors and
event attendees."
- Lucas Seyhun, Co-Founder, The Farm

Great First Impressions

Research shows that great hospitality means allowing people to use technology to help themselves. By utilizing cloud-based visitor management technology visitors and delivery people get the best experience. 

With Greetly, visitors will only see your brand -- your logo, your colors, and your voice and tone. Greetly can also customize workflows for the exact type of visitors you receive, like people coming for meetings, tours, events, food deliveries, package drop-offs, or whatever happens in your reception area.

Once the visitor or delivery has checked in Greetly sends instant host notifications to your staff or members. The end result is a tech-forward visitor experience that satisfies your members and guests while keeping your community team focused on building, well, community.

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Build Your Virtual Community

Our visitor management system captures and securely logs the visitor’s information, ranging from their contact information, reason for visit, and timestamp. More advanced features include taking visitor photos, and capturing electronic signatures on legal documents, like nondisclosure agreements (NDA) or waivers.

Use this information to build your marketing or CRM database. Review visitor information for a single space or across your operation. Search, sort, and filter the data, save custom reports, download them, or even have them automatically sent to your inbox on a timely basis. You can even push new visitors, people who come for tours, and event attendees directly into your CRM database so you can continue to engage them.

Automated Messaging

Greetly offers unlimited host alert notifications. Reach members by voice call to mobile or landline phone (including extensions), text message (SMS), email, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, and/or Slack.

You can also automate messages back to visitors. For example, you can automate text messages with Wifi information or details about your space. Or send surveys three after people arrive for a space tour to get their honest feedback.

Contactless Visitor Check-In

Everything Greetly can do via kiosk, Greetly can do touchless. Give visitors the ability to help themselves directly from their smartphones. Including capturing visitor names and contact information, who they are visiting, and capture photos and document e-signatures.

Event Check-Ins

Nothing helps build a community like coworking events. Our virtual check-in software makes preregistering and onsite check-ins quick and easy. In addition to capturing attendees names, and contact information, with Greetly, you can have them e-sign wavier. Plus, print visitor badges, with your shared workspace's logo and even an icebreaker question, making it easier for participants to connect.

Redeploy Staff  

With traditional visitor management processes, every visitor touchpoint required interacting with an employee. 

For example, someone has to collect IDs and oversee manual logins. Another employee should confirm the purpose of a guest’s visit. Plus, an additional someone has to ensure everyone observes floor restrictions. Later, the agency might require data entry to digitize all of the information they collected and tracked. 

A cloud-based visitor management system for coworking can perform these fundamental tasks with fewer employees required. This allows you to focus staff on more providing better service and increasing overall productivity. 

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Mailroom Management

In addition to handling visitors, Greetly's Digital Mailroom and Package Log can also make your mail room processes more efficient. Quickly scan packages and send notifications to members. Not only do they know they have mail, but they know what they are looking for and where to find it in the physical mail room.

Coworking Software Integrations

Greetly is the only visitor management system with direct integrations with essensys and Satellite Deskworks. We can also sync up with Yardi, Officernd, and nearly every coworking space software. Eliminate all of the manual effort of maintaining your member database in multiple software applications, everything is automated with Greetly.

Friendly Visitor Greeting and Data Logging is the Greetly Advantage

Greetly is the visitor management system designed for the coworking industry. This is why countless large players and independent operators adopted and love Greetly.
Tech company host alert notifications

Instant Host Alert Notifications

Each member can choose how they want to be notified. They can pick one or more from text message, instant message (Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams), email, and/or phone call notifications sent out to hosts. Instantly, as in the moment a visitor or delivery has checked in for them.

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Highly Customizable Visitor Management

Greetly is not a one-size-fits-all software system. No, your visitor check-in app should reflect how your workspace operates. That is why we only show your logo and brand colors. That is why check-in flows can be customized based on the needs of your operations and your members.


Communicate with Visitors

With Greetly, communication is a 2-way street. Do you want future members to complete their profiles while they wait? Or do you wish to share Wifi access information? Most importantly, a thank you for attending an event or a tour a few hours after they depart. Greetly's Digital Receptionist can automate communications with your visitors.

How Greetly Supports Growing Your Coworking Community

Impress Visitors  

Impress your guests with our virtual receptionist. Show how tech-forward your space is when you send out branded invites, expedite check-ins and pre-registrations, and generate other customer-centric data accessible to your visitors, leaving an outstanding image of your agency. 


Focus Your Staff on Community 

Instead of having your staff manually handle every lunch order or trying to find a member when their visitor arrives, Greetly can handle it. Now the community team can focus their time ensuring the needs of members are met.

Quick Package Notifications

Greetly's Digital Mailroom makes mail and packages intake faster than ever before. Community staff can send out dozens of notifications in moments reaching members directly on their smartphones. Everything is logged so there are no questions later about whether that important delivery arrived.

Greetly Is Already Welcoming Visitors for Coworking Organizations

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A Visitor Check-in App Unlike Any Other

Schedule a free demo with Greetly today! We will take the time to get to know your business and share all of Greetly's simple-to-use features that guarantee an excellent experience for your customers and ensure your workplace's efficiency and productivity. 

Our award-winning visitor check-in app works on iPad and Android tablets, and touchless on visitors' own smartphones, technology your customers know and understand. Greetly creates a great customer experience while keeping your workplace healthy and productive.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

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What are visitor management techniques?

How offices manage visitors can be as varied as the organizations themselves. For some, the process of visitor check-in is regimented and formal. For others, handling guests is a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants affair.

Visitor management steps and techniquesRegardless of the visitor management system, there are certain aspects to the process of handling guests that are common across the board and each step is important to the functioning of your organization, the safety of your employees and data, the comfort of the guest, and -- most importantly -- the overall efficiency of time spent.

Here are the six most important visitor management techniques:

  1. Recognize Visitors' Arrival and Make Them Comfortable
  2. Identify the Type of Visitor
  3. Visitor Sign In
  4. Notify the Host
  5. Visitor Check Out
  6. Maintain a Visitor Log

Read our blog post How to Manage Visitors Like a Fortune 500 Company in Six Steps to learn more.

What is a digital visitor management system?

A digital visitor management system is software that automates the entire visitor process, from sign-in to monitoring guest movements while on the premises, through their departure.

Modern digital visitor management is cloud-based and the best systems:

  • Visitor using contactless customer check in systemEnsures workplace safety since it keeps an electronic log of everyone who enters your workplace. 
  • Creates an excellent impression as visitors are given an orderly and warm welcome.
  • Automates and speeds up workplace processes. There’s no more need for manually informing an employee that their visitor has arrived.
  • Improves employee happiness and productivity because they don’t have to handle visitors in person. They can spend more time doing other tasks while avoiding repetitive tasks.
  • Through temperature scanning and touchless features, it reduces employee exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
  • Creates a comprehensive digital trail that helps create reports and audit purposes.


How do I set up a visitor management system?

Best customer check in software customizationSetting up a virtual receptionist the correct way allows your organization to automate the reception function while giving guests a great first impression of your tech company.

Here are the steps you should follow when setting up your visitor management software.

Here are the steps to set up a visitor management system:

Select a Visitor Management System

Configure Your Visitor Management Software

Setup Hardware


Notify Employees


What is contactless visitor registration?

Using contactless visitor check in softwareTouchless technology is a form of electronics control technology that makes it possible for users to control a digital system without any form of physical contact.

Greetly offers a contactless visitor management system. This allows for touchless entry while still capturing all necessary visitor information, from name, company, the host they are visiting, and even more complex tasks like taking guest photos and having them electronically sign legal documents.

No-touch visitor check-in technology keeps COVID-19 and other illnesses out of your office, creating a frictionless experience for guests and employees.

What are the benefits of a visitor management system?

There are many reasons tech companies adopt virtual receptionists. Here are the five biggest benefits of utilizing a visitor management system:

  1. Cloud-based visitor log and reporting is a benefit of visitor management softwareSaving Time, Gaining Productivity
  2. Better Data Collection
  3. Visitor Privacy
  4. Organizational Security
  5. A Professional Image

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