The Coolest Coworking Concepts for Productivity

Energize work, foster community, and inspire big thinking with these cool coworking concepts.

Executive Summary

  • The coworking and shared workspace industry has been booming. Industry experts suggest believe the COVID-19 pandemic, and the shift to remote and hybrid offices advanced the trend by 10 years.
  • Shared workspaces attract corporate clients by having the same, or better, amenities as traditional Class A office suites.
  • The best coworking spaces combine tools to enhance productivity with unique social and collaboration opportunities.

These days, coworking spaces are a welcome change for those who can now work anywhere, are (beyond) tired of staring at their home office walls, or need a place to meet clients. Solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses have their pick of coworking spaces, and shared offices are getting wildly creative with their design features.

Here are six examples of coworking space design approaches that aim to energize work, foster community, and inspire big thinking.

Tech-Forward for Big Impact

A well-connected, tech-equipped coworking space is a must for those in the startup and technology fields. Lightning-fast Wi-Fi, podcasting equipment, smart whiteboards, 3D printers on-site, digital reception software like Greetly to welcome you at the front door…a coworking space’s technology says a lot about the types of tenants it attracts. We love this hive-like huddle space at Tribes that integrates a screen right at table height.

An Artistic Approach to Color

The effect of color on productivity has been well studied, and it turns out hues have a profound influence. Pipeline Workspaces, with locations in Florida and Philadelphia, pride themselves on high design and a focus on the impact of color in their offices.

A Streamlined Lobby

For many, part of the appeal of coworking life is one that’s independent at its heart, low maintenance, and has no fuss. The best coworking lobbies reflect that sentiment with clean lines, soft music, soothing tones, and a simple way for guests to check themselves in (with a contactless visitor management system like Greetly). At We Work Milan, orderly aesthetics pair with soft lighting and caramel wood tones for a warm welcome.

Bringing the Outside Inside

The days of designing windowless cube farms may well be behind us, with a strong body of evidence emerging about the impact of nature on our happiness and health in the workplace. Many coworking companies have heard this message loud and clear, ensuring ample windows, access to patios or courtyards, abundant indoor plants, and garage doors that can be flung open to let in fresh air on warm days. We love this sunlight, bamboo, and plant-filled lobby at The Fisheries in London.

Home Away From Home

With the opportunity to disrupt the idea of a traditional workplace, why not turn the idea of the office on its head completely and make it feel like someone’s cozy living room. We’re seeing more and more coworking spaces adopt this angle, with fully stocked shelves that resemble a home library, comfy furniture, fireplaces, and more to make guests feel right at home. This family-room-like lounge at Femme X Columbia merges the idea of a southern social club with a welcoming coworking concept.

Make Break Time Game Time

Years ago, Google famously made their corporate campuses a whole lot more playful than traditional offices, with things like in-office slides, basketball courts, rock-climbing walls, arcades, and more. Some clever coworking spaces have adopted that concept, too, providing spaces for downtime games and fun features for events. Brooklyn Boulders takes it to the next level, combining a rock-climbing gym with coworking space. Click here for 22 coworking event ideas

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