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Office reception and visitor check-in can require ample staff and time commitments that may leave other areas of your business shorthanded. However, with Greetly’s digital receptionist system, that issue will not be a concern. With our visitor reception software’s highly customizable features, you can elevate your business operations to the next level by streamlining your workplace guest management process.

An efficient virtual receptionist system can handle an influx of incoming visitors and address the basic needs of your visitor check-in process, in addition to real-time notifications and 3rd-party integrations to give your virtual receptionist system an advantage over the competition. You can also operate this useful tool to prepare for upcoming appointments or provide information with minimal to no staff necessary. In conjunction with a visitor management system, this infrastructure tool has the power to transform your business’ guest relations.

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Greetly developed technologies that can help a business thrive regardless of situation and location. We have a visitor management system, an award-winning check-in app, and so much more in store for businesses of all types and sizes to streamline your guest registration process as well as make your enterprise more efficient. We can make your goals align with the convenience our apps and program offers.

Greetly has a proven track record of increasing customer satisfaction and returns on revenue. We can do the same for your business by incorporating effective solutions and tools into it.

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Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist System

A virtual receptionist system frees up administrative personnel to focus on more valuable tasks. With the benefits listed below, you won’t have to think twice about letting your business rely on this useful tool:

Enhanced First Impressions

Delight your customers by giving them the utmost professionalism with our electronic receptionist software. Once customers or prospects find out that you have an amazing tool to interact with at easily at their convenience, you’ll further gain their loyalty. You can show a professional image to your vendors, staff, and customer base without hassle or effort on your end. All you must do is incorporate our virtual receptionist software into your business.

No Added Overhead Cost

You won’t have to shell out more dough for extra office space, desk, supplies, and devices, not to mention an onsite receptionist’s salary and their benefits if you have our digital receptionist software. Pay less by the hour with a virtual receptionist who can accomplish the same tasks with fewer expenses.

Limitless Availability

A front desk receptionist only works during office hours. When they take a break you need to disrupt other workers to cover their station. Meanwhile, a virtual receptionist system can function around the clock 24/7. The automated system can be used to address pre-registration queriesduring and outside of your normal business hours. Your customers can engage on their schedule as the situation necesitates.

Obtain Useful Insights

Interacting with and impressing its customer base is non-negotiable for any company. With Greetly’s electronic receptionist software, you can gain more insights from customers to catapult your business to success. By gathering useful information from visitors, you can convert them into business insights and leads in some cases.

For instance, a virtual receptionist system can help you discover the primary concerns and needs of your customers, areas in the business needing improvement, your company’s busiest hours, and illuminate flaws in your process. Using this data, you can make better decisions for your company and bottom line.

Best Customer Experience

A virtual receptionist system can improve customer and user experience since their concerns will be addressed promptly and professionally. Your customers will be pleased knowing that you value their experience. All you have to do is employ an efficient electronic receptionist system to address their needs consistently, without fail, when they need it.

Why Choose Greetly’s Virtual Receptionist Software

Greetly offers an unmatched virtual receptionist system that’s flexible enough for the various needs of different customers and industry types. Customers value communication and resolution — and with Greetly’s efficient virtual receptionist software in place, your customers will feel more welcome and at home within your company’s care.

Due to the thriving digital ecosystem, more businesses are going live online, and reaching out to customers has become a breeze for them. This makes the competition even tougher in the current market. Greetly aims to give you a competitive edge over other companies and help you impress more customers in the long run. Our interface and integration make us the leader in the field.

You can skyrocket your business with the right tools and software. Build a stronger brand and strengthen your relationship with your customers with an electronic receptionist that works.

How Our Virtual Receptionist System Works

Greetly’s virtual receptionist system can ensure that no customer concern or query is unanswered. Since we prioritize our customer's needs, we must make sure that we are doing more to keep them engaged in our business. Here’s an outline of how an electronic receptionist system works for all companies and businesses:

Greets & Checks in Visitors:

Your visitors will be greeted by our reliable and prompt virtual receptionists to check-in your guest, prepare compliance information and identification, and alert the appropriate department.

Maintains Security:

Our virtual receptionist can ensure that all your visitors are handled and admitted correctly as the situation requires it. Your visitors’ inquiries will be promptly addressed, and notification to a specific department is routine. Security and professionality assured.

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Features of Greetly’s Virtual Receptionist System

Greetly’s virtual receptionist consists of a variety of features proven to be beneficial for the future of your business. Take advantage of the following features at Greetly:

Best visitor management solution

User-Friendly Interface

Visitor management software integrations

Integrations with Software Tools You Already Use

Visitor management emergency evacuation notifications

Safety Features

Unlimited host alert notifications

24/7 Live Support

Virtual receptionist features

Unlimited usage

Visitor badges

Visitor photos and badges

Cloud-based visitor management systems

Secured data

These features are more than enough to keep your business thriving even through the toughest times and most competitive environments. Greetly can push you towards success in no time.

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A Smart Virtual Receptionist System Works to Improve Visitor Experiences

Greetly's mission is to provide the best visitor management experience. We do this by being the world's most customizable digital queuing system.

Do your guests come seeking different services? Our Client Success team will set up different registration workflows that capture the exact information your team needs to provide the best-in-class service. Whether you need to collect:

  • Basic contact information
  • A more complicated series of questions, directed by prior responses
  • Visitor photos
  • Driver's license scanning
  • Show a video
  • Electronic signatures on waivers or other legal documents
  • So many more possibilities we would run out of bits and bytes if we listed them all

We also make the sign-in process easy for your guests thanks to:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Touchless check-in
  • Scanning a government-issued ID speeds up the process
  • Emails or text messages confirming they have been added to the queue 
  • Automated follow-up communications like feedback surveys or requests for a review

For your firm, virtual receptionist system benefits include more efficient use of your personnel, great first impressions, no more long queues, shorter visitor wait times, better data, more communication touchpoints with your visitors, and the ability to maintain all regulatory compliance requirements.

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