Receptionist and dog with Greetly visitor check-in app



Why do simple tasks take so much time?

Have you ever had a meeting to discuss a meeting? Offices, even the most well-oiled machines, can be inefficient when it comes to their most important resources - their people. Greetly can help automate those pesky productivity sucking manual tasks.

The receptionist

Modern Office Reception

Remember the lazy days of a dedicated receptionist playing solitaire? Neither do we. In today’s fast-moving workplace everyone does everything. Let Greetly handle visitor registration so you can get back to the work that moves the needle. Now where did I lose that needle?

Instant reception notifications - check
Visitor photos and badges - yes
eSign NDAs - ding ding ding
And that's just the tip of the iceberg

Visitor registration and digital logbook
Modern office reception

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If you think our reception app is smart, stay in touch because you’ll love our next trick. Greetly will make your office the leanest, meanest productivity machine in your office park.
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Garmin visitor sign in sheet
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