Why we became Greetly

Making your workplace operate more efficiently

We don’t just come to work for the money (though it helps!) - we also want to have a fulfilling day!

Greetly can save you! Save you time, save you money and save your sanity!

At Greetly, our mission is to eliminate administrivia, the time-consuming and trivial administrative tasks that can suck so much out of an otherwise productive working day. We have worked diligently to create the perfect visitor management system that not only eliminates the burden of administrivia but does it in a simple-to-use and exciting way.

With Greetly, you and your team can spend your time more productively. The end result is happier staff, a more fulfilling work-life and the greatest bonus of all - an extra segment of well-deserved personal time.

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What we do & who we help

Save your ADMINutes!

A hundred years of increasing automation has taught the world that taking away the gruntwork leads to innovation, better working conditions and reliability. Having Greetly in your workplace means you are utilizing your hand-picked staff in the best possible way, freeing them from the monotonous grind and releasing their imagination and potential.

Greetly is used by some of the world's most innovative companies, bringing a new level of automation and productivity. Once your visitors are welcomed by the friendly and intuitive interface, the right member of staff is instantly notified by phone call, text or any of the leading corporate instant messaging services.

Greetly happily handles visitors, immediately alerts team members and logs everything saving countless of hours for your admin staff, and never even bothers to take a lunch break!

Greetly is already welcoming visitors for top companies!

US Air Force
City of Mount Pleasant
Vita Coco
County of Marin

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