Visitors badges keep your workplace secure

"Hello, my name is __________".

Visitors badges are a win-win. Visitors are easy to identify keeping your team safe and productive. Also, visitors are easy to identify making them feel like welcomes guests. In a busy reception area, it's great to make everyone feel like an MVV - Most Valuable Visitor.

Greetly is on the case. Our award-winning visitor management system has options to take visitor selfies, uh, photos and instantly print visitor badges as part of the check-in process. With the visitors' name, photo, host and more, it is easy to ensure they are actually wanted onsite. We even offer badges that visually expire over time. Greetly stores visitor photos in your digital logbook.

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Greetly’s photography feature helps you and your associates pair names and faces in an instant!

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Share visitor pictures with associates or emergency responders in moments with Greetly!



From collecting electronic signatures on NDAs to printing visitor badges, Greetly does it all!

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