Meet Greetly, the app that makes capturing visitor photgraphs a snap!

Your workplace is a hub of activity that never stops, even when you’re taking a much-needed business trip or enjoying a long-delayed vacation. You’d like your associates to interact personably and professionally with visitors, whether or not they’ve met before.

Greetly is on the case. Our award-winning check-in app doesn’t just keep track of arrivals and notify hosts when visitors are on-site; it also takes and retains photographs of your guests. If you’re encountering someone for the first time or just need to refresh your memory about the person you’re greeting, just call up a picture from Greetly’s digital logbook.

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Convenience meets security

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Greetly’s photography feature helps you and your associates pair names and faces in an instant!

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Share visitor pictures with associates or emergency responders in moments with Greetly!



From collecting electronic signatures on NDAs to printing visitor badges, Greetly does it all!

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