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Welcoming your customers has never been easier with Greetly's customer check-in app. Our award-winning visitor management system can transform your current office reception with an easy-to-use customer sign-in app that can provide real customer support and collect valuable documentation. Our customizable features make it easy to leave a terrific first impression.

The customer experience is better than ever thanks to the ability to customize Greetly to perfectly fit your needs. From employing a clean display showing only your branding, to custom questionnaires so you have the exact information you need to serve your guests and analyze data, to adding visitors to the correct queue so they can be handled quickly. Greetly is a win/win experience that makes customers happy while increasing your operational efficiency. 

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What Makes Our Customer Check-In Software Different 

Your business can do much more with Greetly's Visitor Management System than simply make a list and organize customers. You can collect all the information you need to best serve your customers. All of this can be done anonymously and securely. 

Organizations, facilities, locations, and industries have different visitor management policies. It is no longer good enough to merely record names in today's world. Adopting visitor management software is more beneficial as it may boost security and compliance by giving legal paperwork, badges, IDs, and keycards on top of regular customer activity monitoring. 

Greetly has an appealing and user-friendly design that has the added bonus of making an excellent and unforgettable experience for your guests. Our goal is to make your business more efficient by delivering a system that can be completely customized to fit your company's specific branding and customer service requirements.

Greeting Your Customers In Style 

Greetly is a cloud-based customer check-in system and visitor management solution. Our customer check-in app for Apple iPad and Android tablets, and even your guests' smartphones, can ensure that you provide faster service efficiency and improve customer service with exceptional interactions while supporting a healthy and productive workplace. 

Here are a few of our Customer Management System's most essential features for more satisfied customers: 

Collecting Customer Data 

There is no need to worry about forgetting a single detail about a customer's identity or the purpose of their visit. Our systems provide valuable documentation with more detailed visitor information, including birth date, government-issued ID and body temperature, can also be collected. Visitors can quickly check in via driver's license scan or use a self-service terminal or mobile phone to fill out the customer sign-in sheet. 

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Massive Ability for Customization  

For self-service check-ins, the Greetly app can be tailored to match your company's brand, workplace culture, and industry for faster service efficiency. It can even be translated into the languages your guests are comfortable using. Our customizable features ensure that only your company's logo will be displayed, and workflows are modified to suit your specific requirements. Make a memorable first impression by greeting customers in a way that reflects your company’s personality and customers’ needs. 

Grow Your CRM Database

Never lose vital data again. Our systems automatically sorts information and organizes customers’ details so you can easily integrate Greetly with your CRM to find all your information in one place. 

Informing Employees Through Real-Time Alerts

As soon as a customer arrives, your employees can be alerted on various channels, including phone, email, or one of our many built-in integrations. This means your team no longer wastes time in the lobby area waiting for visitors and provides more real customer service. 

Keeping Track of Visitors and Analyzing Their Data 

Using Greetly's cloud-based customer management system, you'll always have instant access to all your visitors' contact details and valuable documentation. You'll be able to keep track of the busiest departments in your company at any given point in time by automating CRM updates. 

Collect and Keep Photos and Waivers from Your Guests

Using Greetly's customer management software, you can capture and store guest photos. These photos can be included in host notifications making it easy to welcome your customer by name whether they are a repeat customer, or if it is their first visit. In the same platform, you can use –in Greetly for eSignatures in legal documents like NDAs. Your customer check in system can complete these actions outside business hours if necessary. 


Automated Messaging

Automate your messages back to visitors, for example a thank you note or exit survey) after their visit or outside business hours. This saves your employees time and cuts the risk of communication errors.

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How Greetly Can Help Your Business

At Greetly, we offer a wide range of customer management software features that can help enterprises in numerous ways. Using customer sign-in software is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to save time and money, provide faster service efficiency, as well as the following benefits: 

Leaving a Positive First Impression 

Your customers' opinion of your company is heavily influenced by how you greet and assist them on your premises. Checking in using a customer sign-in app is a breeze. For example, in the welcome lobby, visitors can use a digital kiosk with an easy-to-follow checklist-style display or branded format to input their contact information as soon as they enter your establishment. 
The customer check-in app from Greetly features a user-friendly interface even for those who aren't tech-savvy. Visitors can be automatically checked in a few moments after their arrival and notified via email, phone calls, Microsoft Teams, or text messages. The support rep will be alerted by text, voice call, email, or chat immediately. which helps guests feel more confident and at ease, while the customer check-in system provides easy-to-follow directions that results in more satisfied customers. 

Learn More About Your Customers 

When customers enter the building, they often need to fill out a registration form that collects information, including their name, time of arrival, and their reason for visiting. Taking pictures and electronic signatures as part of the registration process can help keep track of all visits to the site while the systems provide valuable documentation to the company and the customers.

Improving Workplace Productivity 

Support real customer service easily by managing customers and save your employees' time. With Greetly, your employees know who's in the customer queue, who is going to help them, by department, plus the reason for their visit. Your reception area can become more efficient with our check-in app, freeing up staff to work on tasks that directly impact revenues.

Keep Your Workplace Healthy and Safe 

There is a direct link between employee productivity and health. The transmission of germs and the spread of diseases can be prevented by using a digital customer management system to support real customer service. Additionally, customers can only enter designated areas with the help of a good visitor management system, which helps keep your business safe. A visitor’s personal information is checked by the system, and only those with proper authorization will be able to access restricted areas of the building.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers

Greetly not only helps you keep track of your customers' information, but also can help you stay in touch, generating repeat visits.

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A Customer Check-in App Unlike Any Other

Schedule a free demo with Greetly today! We will take the time to get to know your business and share all Greetly's simple-to-use, customizable features that guarantee more satisfied customers and ensure your workplace's efficiency and productivity. 

Our award-winning visitor check-in app works on iPad and Android tablets, and touchless on visitors' own smartphones, technology your customers know and understand. Greetly creates a great customer experience while keeping your workplace healthy and productive.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

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What are the benefits of a customer sign in app?

The benefits of a customer sign in appAt its core, customer check-in systems provide valuable documentation while making sure your visitors are signed in and served by your employees in the least possible amount of time, mostly during business hours. Other customer sign in app benefits include:

Helps Generate More Revenue

With a customer sign in app deployed, you cut down on the number of employees that assist with the reception function. This is how the customer sign-in app achieves that:

  • Faster, better service: customers check themselves in so staff can focus on execution. This results in shorter and more predictable wait times because the system automatically sorts and organizes customers.
  • Captures customer info so you can continue to communicate with them: You can capture any information you might need during the intake process, from customer contact info to the aid they are seeking. This allows staff to get right down to work when they meet with the customer. It also provides an opportunity for added communications, like exit surveys or marketing messages, after their visit.

Smoother Operations

  • Segment Customers: ou can group or organize customers by varied reasons for visiting your workplace. 
  • Know Who Is Next in the Queue: The sign-in app will create a virtual queue and serve as a virtual receptionist to direct customers to the staff training to serve their specific needs. That way, you can process any number of customers on time.

What is a "check in" system?

A check-in system refers to the process of welcoming guests, whether they are customers, constituents, contractors, friends, or any other visitors, to your business space. 

Women shopper using a customer sign in appA digital customer sign in system is a set of tools and software specially made to automate the entire process. Some of the tasks typically handled by the best customer sign in apps include: 

  • Customer self-check-in process.
  • Organizes customers by creating a visitor queue, or multiple queues for different services offered.
  • Customer log for reporting and data analysis.
  • Creating an excellent impression as visitors are given an orderly and warm welcome.
  • Reducing customer wait times. 
  • Improving employee happiness and productivity.
  • Touchless customer sign in keeping staff and customers safe against illness.

How do you check in a customer?

Greeting customers in a friendly and prompt manner is vital to building a strong business. It's also an opportunity for a small organization to outmaneuver larger competitors.

Here is how to check in customers while creating a great first impression:

  1. Award-winning customer sign in softwareMake the process obvious. Whether you have personnel standing at the entrance or a virtual check in system, it needs to be highly visible. 
  2. Easy. Make sure the process is easy. Like scanning driver's licenses to get the necessary information quickly without the risk of typos, being misheard, or using a clean checklist style display. 
  3. Avoid the runaround. Make sure intake is done correctly so the customer is seen by the right staff member as quickly as possible. This might be immediately upon check in, or you might need to organize customers into a queue.
  4. Touchless. Allow customers to check themselves in, preferably with a touchless visitor management system, to stop the spread of illnesses and show real customer support.
  5. Keep communicating. The sign-in process doesn't end when the customer checks in. Or even when they are seen by an employee. Or even when a transaction is complete. You might want to reconnect after their visit to ensure you’ve provided real customer support or to deliver additional information.

How do I get started with Greetly?

Customer check-in solution with 24/7 support We knew we liked you.

Getting started is easy. Click "Book a Demo"  to schedule a free, no-obligation customer sign-in software demo. A friendly account manager will take the time to learn your customer management needs and how to customize Greetly to exceed your branding and reception expectations.

How do I set up a customer management system?

Setting up and deploying a virtual customer sign in app is surprisingly easy once you break it down into simple steps.

Here is how to launch a digital customer sign in system:

How to set up a digital customer sign in systemHere are the steps to set up a visitor management system:

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