A virtual receptionist for tech-savvy companies

Greetly is the ultimate tech-company ‘hello!’ A clean user-interface, instant response communication and data collection in one simple piece of software. Make your front desk the modern welcome that impresses your clients and streamlines your business, doing away with unnecessary administrivia and freeing you up to concentrate on more important things.

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Technology Industry

Visitor management that any technology company can benefit from

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Instant Notifications

SMS, email or phone call notifications get sent out to co-working tenant and their visitor. Instantly, after check-in.

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Comprehensive Customization

You want Greetly to represent your business - Greetly wants that too! With a full range of customizable check-in options, Greetly will work the way you want it to.

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eSign Documents

Add your legal documents for visitors to sign. Greetly allows your visitors to record and eSign documents at your front desk.

Greetly integrates with 3rd-party applications you already use

Microsoft Active Directory
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Teams
G Suite
Google Hangouts
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Greetly provides an easy to use checklist to help you find what you need in a visitor management system. Please fill out your email below and you'll receive our checklist immediately.

Brands and creative services who use Greetly

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EU Networks
Security Scorecard

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