Visitor Management Hardware

Great First Impressions Begin With a Visible, Attractive, and Easy to Use Sign In Kiosk

Greetly's mission is to provide you with the best visitor experience possible. Award-winning sign in software should be paired with elegant, affordable, and secure hardware. Your visitor management hardware must also take into consideration advanced features you might use, like touchless check in and printing visitor badges.

This page is meant to help you identify the minimum specifications and best options to run your receptionist software. 

Visitor Management Hardware Options


iPad receptionist software

iOS (iPad) Tablets

Greetly works with nearly any model of Apple iPad (iOS). To take advantage of the latest features we recommend iPad Air 3rd generation or newer or iPad Pro.

Android virtual receptionist software

Android Tablets

Greetly also works with most Android tablets. Due to the variety of manufacturers and specifications, we recommend you contact us at with the manufacturer and model number.

Best touchless visitor management system

Touchless Visitor Sign In

Greetly allows you to offer contactless visitor sign in. Visitors complete their registration on their own devices. Start the process with a preregistration link, QR code, or link.

Brother visitor badge printer for receptionist software

Visitor Badge Printer

Instantly print visitor badges by connecting with a printer. Greetly currently supports only the Brother QL-820NWBC visitor badge printer with new options coming soon.

Sign in system visitor badges

Visitor Badges

Recognize visitors instantly so you can greet them by name or identify someone who should not be on the premise. Use Brother DK-1202 or compatible visitor badge labels.

Expiring visitor badges

Expiring Visitor Badges

Run a secure facility? These visitor badges expire after 24 hours. The highly visible change ensures no one attempts entry using a prior day's credentials.

Download Our Digital
Receptionist Checklist

Greetly provides an easy-to-use digital receptionist checklist. Besides visitor badges, what else should you look for in a visitor management system? Fill out the form below and you'll receive our checklist immediately.

Best visitor management tools and techniques
Software for visitor management on a reception desk

A World of Kiosk Options

Greetly is the incredibly customizable visitor management system. The hardware options are too.

Depending on the setup of your lobby area, you can choose to secure your digital receptionist with your choice of desktop, floor stand, or wall-mounted kiosk. Please make sure the selected kiosk fits your tablet, locks, and, if desired, can be affixed to your floor or desk. You can purchase hardware for your check in software from and other online retailers.

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Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

Visitor management platform integrations

What are the hardware specifications to run Greetly's Digital Receptionist software?

You can always find the most current hardware specs and requirements here:

Do I need dedicated hardware to operate Greetly's visitor management system?

Actually, no, you don't. With Greetly's touchless visitor management system you do not need a kiosk or any other dedicated hardware. You can email or post a link or QR code that guests can use to initiate the visitor sign in process.

A kiosk though is a great way to bring visibility to your Greetly reception software. It also helps visitors who don't have a smartphone register their visit.

iPad or Android tablet?

The choice is yours. There are some clear benefits to selecting an Android versus iPad receptionist though. Let's explore each mobile device operating system.

There are several benefits of using an Apple iPad for your reception software. One is that iOS is less prone to viruses and malware. Another is that accessories, like mounting kiosks to secure your tablet computer, are plentiful.

Some do not select iPads for their lobby check in software due to their cost. Another is that they stop supporting their own devices after a few years.

The primary upside of selected an Android reception kiosk is cost. There are many device manufacturers competing on a variety of factors. Depending on your organization's IT infrastructure, it may also be easier to support Android devices.

Device cost savings are often offset though by accessory costs. Ironically, the greater the tablet options the fewer the accessories for them.

Can you automatically generate reports?

Yes. First, save a report. Then you can have them emailed to your inbox either weekly or monthly. Data analysis has never been easier.

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