Welcome Your VIPs with Vistor Pre-Registration

Many businesses love having a way to greet visitors but don't want employees to waste valuable time at a reception desk.

Greetly can help. Our visitor check-in app gives your employees multiple ways to pre-register visitors. Our app will send your pre-registered guest an email with a PIN. Upon arrival, she can check in in seconds using their PIN or email address, making them feel like a true VIP.

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Greetly, the app that practically puts out a welcome mat for your guests!

Simple visitor pre-registration

Greetly offers you and your employees multiple ways to preregister your guests. Either enter the information into the app dashboard or just CC Greetly on your meeting invitation and it will do the rest.

Convenient and efficient

Once your visitor has been pre-registered, Greetly will send them an email with a PIN. Your guest can simply enter that that PIN or their email upon arrival and Greetly will instantly welcome them and can even print visitor badges.

Enhanced security

Know exactly who is onsite at all times. Need to clear the premise? Greetly can send instant notifications to all employees and onsite visitors, then. Then, help you track who is safe and who is not yet accounted for.

Completely customizable

Every workplace is different. That is why Greetly is easy to customize. Showcase your brand and create custom check-in workflows that will match the needs of your organization. Greetly is designed to work for you.

Visitor pre-registration made easy



Greetly securely stores visitor information in the cloud for quick and easy access. Upgrade to Greetly and modernize the way you track guests!



Pre-registering visitors is simple. Enter a visitor’s information in our app or, even easier - just cc Greetly when you send your calendar invite!



Make check-in fast and convenient, even for first-time visitors. Your guests can log in in seconds using a PIN or email address!


Roll out the red carpet, your guests will feel like true VIPs

With Greetly, getting ready for visitors is a snap. You and your staff will enjoy the simple convenience while your guests enjoy a customized welcome. If it happens in your reception area, you can make it happen even faster with Greetly!

Greetly integrates with tools you already use

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Preregister your VIP guests with the world's most customizable visitor management system

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