Visitor Preregistration

Make All of Your Guests Feel Like VIPs

Many businesses love having a way to greet visitors but don't want employees to waste valuable time at a reception desk. Especially in a COVID environment.

Greetly can help. Our award-winning visitor management system gives your employees multiple ways to preregister visitors in seconds. The Greetly cloud will send your preregistered guest a welcome email with all of the information they need to complete their registration, right from their own computer or smartphone.

When they arrive at your office, visitors can complete the check in process from seconds right from their own phones. 

Visitor Preregistration - Like Rolling Out a
Welcome Mat for Your Guests!

Greetly is obsessed with creating a great visitor experience for your most important stakeholders. With visitor preregistration, it does not matter sign in on the kiosk (how old-fashioned), touchless, or before they even arrive at your premises. 

Behind the scenes though, Greetly is a powerhouse. We collect data so you can run real-time reports about your visitors. Who they are, why they come, who they visit, when they arrive and depart, and legal documents they eSigned during the visitor registration process. 

Simple Visitor Preregistration

Greetly offers you and your employees multiple ways to preregister your guests. Either enter the information into your visitor management admin dashboard. Or, you can invite Greetly like any other guest in your meeting invitation and we will do the rest.

Convenient and Efficient

Once your visitor has been preregistered, Greetly will send them an email you can customize with information about your office, including directions and how to complete the check in process. The visitor can complete their registration from their phone and be ready to go the moment they arrive.

Check In Is a Snap

When a preregistered guest arrives, they can complete the check in process by scanning a QR code. They can complete the entire registration and sign in process from their own phone. From there, everything happens like any visitor registration... Hosts are notified, visitor badges are printed, and the cloud-based visitor log is updated.

Completely Customizable

Every workplace is different. That is why Greetly is easy to customize. From the preregistration email you send visitors to the branding, you can showcase your brand and create custom check-in workflows that will match the needs of your organization. Greetly is designed to work for you.

Download Our Digital
Receptionist Checklist

Greetly provides an easy-to-use digital receptionist checklist. Besides visitor badges, what else should you look for in a visitor management system? Fill out the form below and you'll receive our checklist immediately.

Award-winning guest management system

Visitor Preregistration Made Easy


Touchless visitor preregistration


Greetly captures all of the information you need during the check in process and stores it in the cloud. When the person arrives, they scan a QR code, and are instantly checked in.

Best visitor preregistration


Pre-registering visitors is simple. Enter a visitor’s information in our app or, even easier - just cc Greetly when you send your calendar invite!

visitor preregistration notifications

Fast Visitor Check In

The entire visitor registration process is fast and convenient, even for first-time visitors. Your guests can log in in seconds using their own devices.

Visitor sign-in system logbook

Roll Out the Red Carpet, Your Guests Will Feel Like True VIPs

With Greetly, getting ready for visitors is a snap. You and your staff will enjoy the simple convenience while your guests enjoy a customized welcome.

You can initiate a visit in seconds either from your own calendar invitation or the Greetly web admin. The visitor will receive customized information about your work environment and the arrival process.

They can enter their information in advance and complete the check-in process in seconds.

As glamorous as a Hollywood premiere.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

visitor management system integrations

Why do I want to preregister my visitors?

It's easy. And it makes their entry experience better. Instead of completing their visitor profile in advance, they can do it when they arrive. After that, they simply scan a QR code to complete their visitor registration.

Your visitors can focus on the business they came to conduct.

How do I preregister a visitor

It's easy. You can preregister a visitor to your workplace by:

  1. Inviting to your calendar invite. 
  2. In the web admin, complete a brief form.

Either way, you can invite one to hundreds of visitors simultaneously. 

What happens after we invite a visitor?

Here is how the visitor preregistration process works:

  1. You invite the visitor.
  2. The visitor receives an email, customized by your admin. 
  3. The pending guest clicks a link to complete your visitor intake form.
  4. When they arrive, the visitor scans a QR code.
  5. Reception notifications are sent to the host employee. 
  6. A visitor badge prints, if that is part of your workflow.

What if a visitor does not complete the preregistration process?

At Greetly, we believe in freedom of choice. If a visitor does not complete the visitor preregistration process they can check in when they arrive using our best-in-class visitor management system. Depending on how your lobby environment is setup, they can either use your kiosk and use touchless visitor sign in.

I'm ready to use Greetly. How do I get started?

Want to see Greetly's preregistration feature, and the rest of our visitor management system in action? Just click here to schedule a free demo. One of our account managers will review your virtual receptionist needs and configure an account just for you.

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