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Meet Greetly, the visitor reception app that lets your brand shine!

In times past, establishing a brand was just a matter of designing a logo, selecting a slogan and putting them on business cards, stationery and maybe some brochures. But in today’s competitive business environment, branding requires a comprehensive approach. From the products and services they offer to the people they hire, companies want everything they to reinforce their brand and core message.

Greetly is designed to do just that. Our award-winning visitor reception app is highly configurable, enabling your company to put its mark on every aspect of the way your guests are greeted. Don’t just bring people to your the — immerse guests in your brand!

Bring your brand to life with Greetly visitor registration customization

The Customization Doesn’t Stop There!

Make our visitor management solution fit your specific needs by tweaking the look, wording and even the language it uses to meet and greet guests. Associates can choose whether they’re notified of visitor arrivals by telephone, text, email, Slack or a combination thereof.
Because Greetly visitor data is stowed on the web, it’s available to authorized users at any time, day or night. Greetly integrates with other popular software, allowing you to ascertain which restaurants or couriers are most used by your staff or how long guests of a particular employee or department stay on site. And it can be set up to take guest photographs and produce visitor badges.

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Our System. Your Brand.

Greetly’s white label service keeps the spotlight where it belongs: On your business.

Put your brand front and center when you roll out the red carpet. If it happens in your reception area, you can make it happen more consistently with Greetly!

 Highly customizable digital receptionist


Greetly lets you use the wording, images and even language that best suits your brand!

Visitor sign-in app integrations 


Greetly integrations make it easy to add visitor data to mailing lists or analyze your busiest times!

Versatile to fit your brand and visitor management needs


Collect e-signatures for NDAs, take guests photographs and even print visitor badges with Greetly!

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