Authenticate Visitors by Scanning Government-Issued Identification

Verify Visitors by Scanning Driver’s Licenses or Other Forms of Legal ID

Has Mickey Mouse ever visitors your office? What about Seymour Butts? 

All jokes aside, verifying the real identities of your visitors is serious business. Plus, it can speed up the visitor registration process by grabbing several pieces of visitor information directly from their driver's license or other forms of government-issued identification.

The incredibly customizable visitor management system doubles as a barcode scanner. Not only can Greetly's visitor management system read many forms of legal identification, including most military ID cards, but we can also scan many corporate ID cards to instantly authenticate visitors and employees for a fast and secure check in process.

How Visitor Management with an Integrated ID Scanner Keeps Your Workplace Safe

Some workplaces use virtual receptionist software for host notifications. Others also value the cloud-based visitor log for easy compliance with audits.

More secure work environments don't just ask visitors who they are, they verify that information by scanning driver's licenses, passports, and other forms of government-issued ID. This ensures no unwanted visitor bypasses their 'be on the lookout for' (BOLO) or watchlist. It also guarantees that the name on the nondisclosure electronic signatures matches the visitor's true legal identity.

Works With Most ID Cards

With Greetly, the camera on the visitor registration kiosk or the visitor's own smartphone acts as an ID scanner. We can read the barcode on most state driver's licenses (whether Real ID or standard), passports, and forms of military ID. This includes identification issued by US jurisdictions and other countries' governments.

Works With Many Company ID Cards

Not just legal forms of identification. If it has a barcode, Greetly can probably read corporate ID cards as well. Click "See It Live" to instantly schedule a demo to see if Greetly will work with your company's IDs.

Automatically Captures Visitor Information

Once Greetly's ID scan tool works its magic, it automatically captures key information, like legal name, birthday, and the government-issued ID number, and attaches it to the visitor's check in record. Depending on your preferences this can be automatically stored in your cloud-based visitor logbook.

Can Check Visitor Against Other Databases

One way Greetly can keep your people safe and productive is our watchlist feature. Greetly will automatically check the visitor's legal name against your watchlist. As your Account Manager about our ability to compare the visitor to third-party databases like criminal or sex offender lists, FINRA list, and many others.

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Visitor management system with integrated barcode scanner

How ID Scanning Makes Your Workplace Safers and More Productive


Visitor sign in self service kiosk on a reception desk

A Visitor Checks Themself In

Using touchless visitor management or via self-service kiosk, a guest check themselves in when they arrive at your workplace. With customizable workflows you can require ID scanning for all visitors or just certain types. During visitor registration, Greetly can, optionally,  require legal document eSignatures and take visitor photos.

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ID Scanner Authenticates Visitors

Instead of manually entering visitor information during the check-in process, like their name or birthday, Greetly captures it directly from the barcode of their driver's license or other government-issued identification. This ensures the visitor is who they say they are.

iPad automated visitor management system

Instant Host Alert Notifications

When the visitor check-in process is complete, Greetly gets to work. We instantly check the visitor against your watchlist. Our virtual receptionist software can print visitor badges, send host alerts, send messages to the visitor, and stores everything that happened in the cloud-based visitor logbook.

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Award-Winning Visitor Management Software!

Authenticating visitors with an ID scan tool is just one feature.

Greetly is full-featured cloud-based visitor management. Greetly is loved by tech companies, consumer brand leaders, recruiting firms, government agencies, and offices just like yours because our comprehensive facilities management solution is easy to use and highly customizable.

Greetly is the visitor management innovator. We were the first to launch touchless visitor sign in and to incorporate temperature checks. These new features augmented visitor badges, emergency evacuation notifications, and a watchlist to keep your work environment safe and productive. You can be sure that as work evolves, our sign in application will keep your organization ahead of the curve.

With Greetly, your front desk can create great first impressions and also be your first line of defense.

Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use

Visitor management system with integrated driver's license scanner

What forms of ID can Greetly scan?

Smart reception solution scanning a visitor's drivers licenseBroadly, if it has a Type 39 barcode Greetly can read it. 

Greetly can usually scan:

  • Driver's licenses issued by US states or foreign governments. This includes Real IDs and standard licenses.
  • Passports.
  • Most forms of military ID.
  • Many corporate ID cards.
  • Contractor ID cards.

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We need visitor verification. How do we get started with Greetly?

Click here to instantly schedule a demo. One of our knowledgeable Greetly Account Managers will show you Greetly in action and answer all of your questions.

If you are ready to move forward, your Account Manager will even configure your software with your organization's branding and check in options based on the types of visitors who come to your front desk.

How does the visitor management ID scanner feature work?

One word --- magic!

The magic of cloud-based visitor management that is. 

Here is how virtual receptionist software can authenticate visitors with ID scanning:

  • Visitor management barcode scannerA visitor initiates the check in process.
  • The visitor is instructed to hold their ID in front of the camera of the self-service kiosk or their own smartphone.
  • The virtual receptionist reads visitor information embedded in the barcode.
  • The digital reception software attaches the visitor information to the check in record.
  • Everything is logged in the cloud-based visitor logbook.



What happens if a visitor is unwilling to scan their driver's license? Or does not have ID when they arrive at our front desk?

Greetly is the world's most customizable visitor management software. If a visitor does not scan their identification when prompted, you can choose to cancel the check in process. Or, you can allow them to manually enter their information.

How does Greetly read company IDs?

You might want employees and contractors to check in as well as visitors. Perhaps you want everyone to have their temperature taken. Or, you need to track everyone that enters and departs a secure area.

The entire process can happen in the blink of an eye. Greetly will scan the barcode and then append information about the person with that identification. That record will be securely stored in your digital visitor log.

Voilà, you have met your internal or third-party compliance needs.

Experience the World’s Most Customizable Visitor Management System


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