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There’s no better environment for a top quality virtual receptionist than a complex office environment with multiple freelancers and small businesses to cater for! Greetly has no limit to the number of different companies it can welcome visitors to, so make sure there’s no confusion in the lobby and never leave your guests waiting. Just don’t expect much in the way of small talk (or bathroom breaks!).

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Our visitor management allows coworking spaces to run efficiently

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Instant Notifications

SMS, email or phone call notifications get sent out to co-working tenant and their visitor. Instantly, after check-in.

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Build Your Community

Untether your staff from the reception desk so they can make genuine connections between members.

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Capture More Leads

Build your extended digital community by making sure visitors, event attendees and people who come for a tour are added to your CRM database.

Greetly integrates with 3rd-party applications you already use

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Office Evolution
Bond Collective
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