Visitor Management System <> essensys Operate Integration

Connect Your Visitor Management and Coworking Space Software Software for Successful Automation

essensys was founded to help coworking with cloud-based automation and self-service. Hey, that sounds familiar! 

That's why Greetly is the exclusive visitor management partner with essensys. Our direct integration allows you to automatically create and remove host user accounts in Greetly when you onboard and offboard members in their Operate space management software.

Integrate essensys With Greetly to Put Your Virtual Receptionist on Auto-Pilot

Whether they use a self-service kiosk or Greetly's pioneering touchless visitor registration software, the moment a guest completes their registration employees will receive host notifications. And since your team lives on their smartphones, using Google Chat to receive reception alerts means they'll know immediately when their guest or delivery has arrived.

Update Once, Update Everywhere

You already use essensys Operate to effortlessly onboard and manage your members. When you connect essensys with Greetly and managing your Greetly host list becomes, well, it becomes something you don't even need to do anymore.

When you add a new member -- or. even better, a bunch of members with a new, major client -- in Operate they will show up in your front desk check in system virtually immediately. When a member leaves the space they are gone as quickly. Name or contact info changes, yes, you guessed it, they automatically sync with Greetly.

Beloved Visitor Management

Greetly is honored to be used by coworking spaces around the world. From the biggest chains to the best independents. Our software is used in 24 countries and visitors check in using Greetly in 42 languages! (Did we mention we speak every language?).

Instant Chat Message Reception Alerts

Greetly handles everything from members' visitors to space tours to food and package deliveries. Whether they use a self-service kiosk or go touchless, Greetly sends instant reception notifications so everyone is handled like the most important VIP. Each member can choose their own custom notification preferences. There are no apps to download, we send alerts straight to their smartphones via voice call, text message, or email.

Mailroom Management Application

Greetly is the only visitor management software that comes with complementary mailroom management software. Yes, that same member database that syncs with essensys Operate also keeps your mailroom fast and efficient. With Greetly's Digital Mailroom you can check packages in, send instant member alerts, and track everything in your cloud-based visitor log. This is efficiency on top of efficiency.

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Exclusive essensys Operate virtual receptionist integration

Connecting essensys Operate With Your Virtual Receptionist Software


Visitor management essensys integration

Integrate Greetly with essensys

Setting up the integration is easy. You can also work with our 24/7/365 support team if you need assistance.

You'll never need to manage members in Greetly, the essensys sync takes care of everything.

Unlimited voice and sms host notifications

Fast Chat Reception Alerts

When a tour group, visitor, delivery, or anyone registers using your front desk software, reception notifications are sent per member preferences. Or, when you check in a delivery for that member.

Best coworking space visitor management system

Build Your Marketing Database

Everyone who visits your space is a potential member. Greetly can send a thank you for visiting, or a link to a survey. Use Greetly's cloud-based visitor logbook to grab visitor information and add them to your marketing database (in essensys).

Office 365 Teams visitor management host notifications

Greetly + essensys = Modern Visitor Management

Greetly is focused on a great visitor management experience. Not only for your guests but also for your admin. We know you are busy working towards your mission.

That's why we've partnered with essensys. But that's just one of the features that make Greetly beloved by coworking spaces around the globe.

Greetly's award-winning software keeps your workplace efficient thanks to:

  • Multilingual so visitors are comfortable checking in
  • Touchless visitor registration
  • Take member and visitor temperatures
  • Electronic signatures on waivers or other documents
  • Visitor photos so members can greet visitors with a warm welcome
  • Printing visitor badges at events
  • Digital mailroom software
  • So many more we would run out of bullet points if we listed them all!

What is essensys and who uses it?

According to our partners:

Since 2006, essensys has provided the software and technology for hundreds of office space providers and more than 20 million sq ft of flexible office space.

Like Greetly, essensys Operate offers is a cloud-based application. Gee, we have so much in common.

How much does the essensys Operate integration cost?

Greetly's exclusive essensys integration comes at no additional cost. That's right, syncing your user list and automating your visitor management software is included in all Greetly subscriptions.

How do I set up the Greetly<>essensys integration?

Connecting these two software leaders is easy. Check out this article about How to Connect Greetly to essensys Operate to Sync Your Member List.

Don't worry, we'll never leave you hanging. Greetly proudly provides 24/7/365 client support. Contact us by live chat, email, or phone if you need assistance.

How do I get started with Greetly's award-winning visitor management?

A coworking pioneer and a smart cookie? We are proud to know you. 

Click here to instantly schedule a live software demonstration. During this no-obligation meeting, a Greetly account manager will take the time to understand your reception needs and customize Greetly so you achieve them in spades.

Who uses Greetly?

Hundreds of coworking and shared workspaces in every corner of the globe. Including industry leaders like JLL, Office Evolution, Venture X, Industrious, and Pacific. Plus our favorite locally-owned independents. And even municipally-managed spaces by progressive locales. 

Not just for coworking spaces, Greetly is also beloved by: 

And the federal government, including the National Science Foundation. 

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Experience Greetly free with a no-obligation demo today. During this personal demo your dedicated visitor management solution specialist will take the time to understand your share workspace reception needs and to customize your digital receptionist to perfectly achieve them.