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Mailroom management software automates mail intake and sends employee alert notifications

In the old days, the mail came in and was manually sorted before being hand-delivered across the premises or campus. Many offices had multiple dedicated mailroom clerks. That process was as efficient as rows and rows of typists and filing cabinets. (All of this was documented by Michael J. Fox's character in the 1987 film The Secret of My Success.)

Modern workplaces automate and accelerate manual mailroom processes using Greetly's Digital Mailroom. Mailroom automation is now just a simple smartphone app away. Using digital mailroom automation software, admin personnel take a quick picture of the mail or package, they select the recipient, and Greetly does the rest. This cost-effective, cloud-based software sends instant alert notifications by voice call, text message, email, and/or instant message and logs it in the cloud-based package log.

The Benefits of Digital Mailroom Management Software

Greetly's mission is to Save Your ADMINutes. To automate the tedious and manual tasks that keep your company from thriving. Greetly Digital Mailroom will save your admin staff hours per day.

Accelerate Mail Intake

Streamline the process. Convert incoming mail and packages into employee notifications in a couple of clicks. Simply take a picture of the package and the receiving employee is notified.

Syncs with Virtual Receptionist

You already have your employee database in your visitor management system. Along with their contact information and notification preferences. With Greetly, one employee database serves your reception and mailroom functions.

Automate further by syncing with Active Directory, Azure AD, Google for Work, Rippling, and other directory services. 

Lightning Fast Package Notifications

Each employee can choose how they want to be notified when they receive mail or packages. Electronic mailroom notifications can be sent to any combination of voice calls, text messages, emails, or instant messages through Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, or Slack.

Notifications can even be sent to assistants or backups using Greetly's co-pilot feature.

Cloud-Based Log and Reporting

Want to know whether a package or mail was received? Whether it was retrieved? All digital mail records are stored in your cloud-based package log. You can run standard or ad-hoc reports, and download information to CSV, Excel, or PDF files for further analysis.

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More than just mailroom automation software, Greetly provides the world's most customizable visitor management system

These tools together make a cost-effective business system to handle both mail and visitor check-in, combined with instant employee notifications. Want to see the features of the best visitor management software? This receptionist checklist is an easy-to-use way to find what you need in a virtual receptionist.

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How Mailroom Software Helps Your Workplace Succeed

Digital mail service app

Mailroom In Your Phone

No complex hardware. No tedious processes. This digital mail solution lives in one simple smartphone app. You'll complete what used to be hours of work in minutes.

Best digital mail service provider

Fast and Easy

Fast and easy to log mail. Just open the app, take a photo, and select the recipient. 

Fast and easy to receive alert notifications right on the employee's phone.

Best mail room management software

Award-Winning Mailroom Management

It's easy to see why Greetly has won numerous awards including "Best ROI" to "Great User Experience"

Cost-effective mailroom management software with realtime notifications

Mailroom Management Software to Keep Your Workplace Productive

Greetly is a modern digital mailroom solution. Sister software to our visitor management system.

We serve coworking spaces, tech companies, manufacturing plants, staffing agencies, and government offices because our sign in application automates the reception process.

Greetly's mission is to eliminate manual and error-prone tasks. And to replace them with easy-to-use automation. Greetly electronic mail app does exactly that.

What types of mail notifications are possible with Greetly?

Greetly mail room management softwareWhen you check in mail or packages using Greetly's Digital Mailroom software, recipients will immediately be notified. Each individual employee can choose how they receive alert notifications.

Greetly can send mail notifications by:

  • Voice calls to mobile or landline phones. Greetly can even dial extensions.
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Emails
  • Instant messages via integrations with Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, and/or Slack

Do I need special hardware to use Greetly?

No. You don't need any custom hardware to run Greetly and automate your mailroom. Our Digital Mailroom application runs on any Apple iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphone.

How do I get started with Greetly?

We like your style.

Click here to instantly schedule a live software demonstration. During this free demo, a Greetly account manager will take the time to understand your needs and showcase how easy it is to automate your mailroom. How Greetly Digital Mailroom makes it lightning fast to receive mail and send real-time employee notifications.

Who uses Greetly?

Our award-winning electronic mailroom is used by workplaces across industries and the globe. Here are some sample Greetly clients:

  • Coworking spaces, including Industrious, Office Evolution, and Venture X
  • Financial services firms including Northwestern Mutual
  • Technology leaders like Apple
  • Staffing agencies, for example, Randstad on three continents
  • Logistics leaders, for example, DHL
  • Growing cannabis companies like Native Roots
  • Government agencies from the United States Air Force to state and local agencies

Experience Mailroom Bliss 

See what Greetly Digital Mailroom can do for you with free demo. During this personal video meeting your Account Manager will learn about your automation needs and showcase Greetly's features.