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Remove the hassles from event registration and check-in. with Greetly, the app that makes event registration a breeze.

Meetups and events can help your company build a community, and that leads to customers, partnerships and great employees. However, you dread the prospect of going over dozens of hastily scrawled visitor sign-ins and trying to input all the data.

Greetly’s got this. Our flexible visitor management system can be used as an event check-in app. Greetly can take the names, contact information and pictures of guests - and even print name badges. Finally, event registration made easy.

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Event Registration Technology that Takes Your Event to the Next Level

Automated Event Registration

Say goodbye to manual sign-in sheets and tedious hours of data entry. Greetly's visitor management system functions as a complete automated check-in app. Collect attendee names, emails, phone numbers and more quickly and conveniently.

Live Photo Capture

Greetly's live photo capture feature makes it easy to put a face to a name when reviewing event notes and recognize new contacts for future visits. Greetly's cloud-based visitor logbook is available to any authorized employee from any location.

Print Badges on the Spot

Greetly saves you time and money with the ability to print event attendee badges during the registration process. No more wasted resources on no-shows, and badges can even include photos for an additional level of event security.

Complete CRM Database Integration

Greetly doesn’t just register event attendees and collect data — it makes it useful for your business. The app’s cloud-based visitor logbook is available to any authorized employee. Visitor information can be added to your CRM database simply and conveniently.

The Future of Event Registration - Today

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Ditch the hard-to-read paper sign-in sheets and tedious data entry. Greetly will capture the names, faces and contact information of all your guests!

Event badges

Visitor Badges

Don't spend hours pre-printing name tags and stuffing them into badge holders. Greetly prints visitor badges during the check-in process. No wasted time or materials.

Event software integrations


Greetly can connect to your Zapier, your CRM database and other common business tools you already use to enhance the value even further!

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Your event check-in app should make the process easier, faster, and more efficient for you.  The information should be in a format that helps build your community and integrates seamlessly with the everyday business tools your organization already uses.  Greetly meets all these requirements and more.  The fact that Greetly will also impress your attendees - well, that's just a bonus! 

Greetly Integrates With Tools You Already Use

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Make Events a Breeze With the World’s Most Customizable Visitor Management System

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