Emergency Evacuation Notifications and Tracking

The most important visitor management feature we hope you never use -- emergency evacuation. Should your workplace ever need to shut down for any reason, Greetly can keep your employees and visitors safe.

Greetly's evacuation feature offers instant text and email notifications. Individuals can make themselves as safe right from the evacuation notification. Or an admin can do so from the cloud-based evacuation logbook. This running list of who is safe and who is unaccounted will reduce risk and save valuable time for emergency responders who arrive on the scene.

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How Our Emergency Evacuation Feature Can Save Lives

Instant Evacuation Notifications

Any admin can trigger an emergency evacuation. No need to be near the Greetly kiosk, this can be done from any web-enabled device. Every page of Greetly admin will show the evacuation button. In just seconds you can send text messages and emails to everyone in the Greetly directory and all onsite visitors.

Evacuation Log Keeps Everyone Safe

The cloud-based web-admin also houses an evacuation log, tracking everyone who was notified. For visitors, it will also indicate their host. This tool will help company leaders instantly identify who is safe and who may needs to be found or contacted. This list can be shared with police, fire and other rescue crews.

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

With safety as our number 1 priority, there is no need to grab the Greetly kiosk during an evacuation. This entire emergency evacuation feature can be initiated and managed from your smartphone. You can be in a safe area monitoring who might need assistance.

Setup in Seconds

While no one can plan for an emergency, Greetly makes sure you are prepared. In one click you can turn on Greetly's evacatuation feature and customize the default message. It will automatically insert key information like your company name and address.

How Greetly’s Emergency Evacuation Feature Works

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Initiate an Evacuation Event

Launch an emergency evacuation event from any cloud-based web browser -- you don't need the Greetly tablet or any special hardware. It takes just 2 taps to notify all employees and visitors to keep them safe.

Instant emergency evacuation notifications

Instant Evacuation Notifications

Greetly will instantly notify employees in that location and all visitors by email and text message. You can customize the evacuation instructions. Notifications also include link to mark themselves as safe.

Keep employees and visitors safe

Track Who Is Safe

The cloud-based evacuation log tracks which employees and visitors are safe and who remains unaccounted for. Share this with first responders so they can focus their efforts.

Visitor management with emergency evacuation notifications

Keep Everyone Safe With Evacuation Notifications

An emergency can create a lot of chaos. Greetly can help keep everyone safe amongst disorder.

Send instant reception notifications from any web-enabled to device. By tracking who has made it out safely and whose whereabouts are unknown, Greetly keeps employees, visitors and even search and emergency responders safe.



Award-Winning Sign-in App

You, your teammates and your visitors will all love Greetly ease-of-use. From simple check-ins to visitor badges t emergency evacuation notifications, this software is spectacular.



We know some of your visitors are tech-savvy. Others, well, not so much. They will all be able to check themselves in with Greetly the first time as if they are a veteran.


Evacuation Notifications

Need to clear the premise? Greetly can send instant notifications to all employees and onsite visitors. Then, Greetly helps you track who is safe and who is not yet accounted for.


Comprehensive Customization

Every workplace is different. That is why Greetly is easy to customize. 100% white-labeled to showcase your brand. Edit or create new check-in workflows to suit your business needs. Greetly works for you.


Visitor Badges

An important part of any front desk, badges are instantly printed, featuring the visitor’s details, photo, and any other relevant information.


Cloud-Based Vistor Logbook

Keep track of your visitors with Greetly. Search, sort, filter and download visitor information from any web browser using the web-based visitor management logbook.

Greetly Integrates With Tools You Already Use

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The World’s Safest Visitor Management System

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