Visitor Registration App Connected with Zapier

Greetly is a highly flexible visitor management system designed to make your (work) life better. That's why we partnered with Zapier to integrate with all of your digital office tools as simply and easily as possible. Why settle for a legacy approach when you can have a smart reception app that does so much more?

When you combine a feature-rich visitor check-in app with Zapier, the options are limitless. From seamless user management to contacting visitors to digitally filing NDAs, Greetly can do it all!

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Connect with Google sheets or other apps

Through Zapier, Greetly connects with your data on Google Sheets and elsewhere which makes sending follow-up text messages or adding check-in times to Google Sheets extremely hassle-free.

Sync visitor information with a zap

Greetly's partnership with Zapier makes syncing your directory or adding visitor contact information to your CRM as easy as building a Zap. Partner Greetly with your online data so you can stop pondering and start producing.

Intuitive point and click connection

Best part - no technical skills are required! You can use Zapier to eliminate the normally time-consuming app integration development work and discover how high tech combines with high touch to make your life easier.

Proud Zapier partner

You need digital tools that simplify, streamline and automate your business. Greetly is a team player that clicks into place with Zapier’s convenient interface to boost your bottom line by cutting down on busywork.

Automation Made Easy



Greetly is built to enable you to integrate without the headache. Sync host information from an existing database easily with Zapier!



Put your brand front and center when you roll out the red carpet. Greetly showcases your company’s preferred imagery and language!



When you combine a powerful feature-rich visitor check-in app with Zapier, the options are limitless. Greetly can do it all!


Connect Greetly Seamlessly with... Everything! (Almost)

Zapier's easy-to-use, point and click interface brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips.  Greetly partnered with Zapier to offer you nearly unlimited integration possibilities so you can focus on what's important and make your data work for you.

Greetly integrates with tools you already use

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The world's most customizable visitor management system

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