Greetly<>Zapier Integration

Our basic premise at Greetly is that anything that makes your work life easier is good. So a tool that connects apps and automates workflows across the workplace is A-OK in our book. And if Zapier truly rhymes with happier, sign us up! With over 1000 apps and growing fast, Greetly's integration with Zapier allows you to do things like:

  • Sync users between a directory services app and Greetly, so your visitor management system is always up to date
  • Automate downloading visitor log book entries into spreadsheets for easy access
  • Add visitors to your CRM system, continuously growing your organization's community
  • Create lists from event check-ins for drip marketing campaign
  • Email eSignatures on NDAs or other legal documents, or file them to a shared folder

About Greetly 

Save Your ADMINutes with Greetly's visitor check-in app and digital package log. Set up Greetly in minutes to:

  • Greet visitors
  • Accept packages
  • Send real-time visitor and package notifications
  • and GET MORE DONE!

Greetly + Zapier = Smart Reception

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Set up the Integration

Just click one of the links below to get started. Or, for more details, Click here for instructions on how to setup the Greetly<>Zapier integration. Happy Zapping!



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Greetly + Zapier goes together like bread and butter!