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Coworking: Technology to Wow Potential Tenants | Greetly Check in App

Demand for coworking spaces is rising. But competition is becoming fierce. Use these tips to impress potential customers and to fill your share work space.

If you own or manage a coworking space, you know that remote work, freelancing, and the digital nomad movement have changed the way people work. Thus demand has grown for shared workspacescoworking and executive suites – giving entrepreneurs and employees can be more productive and social.

Co-working competition has similarly increased. Thus, it’s important that you set yourself apart. Remember, you are not just competing with other shared workspaces, potential tenants also have the choice of working at a local coffee shop for the price of a latte, or at home in their pajamas.

So How Do You “Wow” Potential Tenants?

There are several ways to do this. While the environment, location, and overall vibe are huge factors, technology trumps all. If you don’t have the tech to get the job done, people will not pay to use your space. If you want an amazing coworking space then these are some suggestions:

Reliable High-Speed Internet

This is non-negotiable. If your internet speed isn’t blazing fast or can’t handle the potential volume you may attract, then your business is going to struggle. People are going to come in wanting to upload large files and stream a lot of data. As well, people are going to be doing conference calls via Skype or Google Hangouts, etc. Slow internet speed is a surefire way to turn people off.

Hard Copy Tools

While the world is on its way towards the paperless workplace, people still need to print things out. Having a quality copy machine and other tools of that nature will make your coworking space more versatile and user-friendly.

Coworking space management software will impress potential members

Offer The Extras

Again, if you want to attract people who are willing to spend money to come to your space, you’ll need to offer things they won’t get elsewhere. Dedicated space for things like giving presentations or soundproof rooms for holding conference calls or recording podcasts is a great way to get people in there.

Tech That Makes The Space

Your first thought when it comes to tech is probably the internet, coworking space management software, and other tools – these are costs of entry. It’s also a good idea to invest in tech that makes your space more welcoming. Greetly’s digital visitor management tool is a tech-forward approach to connecting visitors with their hosts. Other examples include smart temperature controls and lighting, sleek coffee-making equipment, and other perks that make life in your space more desirable.

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Make Membership Easy

Make it easy for people to use your space! Some coworking spaces are open round the clock. While you may want a couple of staff members there during peak times, you also want a visitor registration app that allows tenants to order food or host meetings outside of standard business hours. Not only does the Greetly app allow this to happen, but it also makes tracking easy and efficient. Greetly reduces overhead by acting as receptionist, and Greetly leaves a great first impression among tech-savvy remote workers and freelancers who will appreciate a fast check in.


Coworking space networking event

A coworking space isn’t just about collecting membership and usage fees, it’s also about creating community, which is something that remote workers and business owners often crave. The high-tech world can be isolating in its own way, so let your coworking space be a community where people can come together and exchange ideas, learn things, and meet new people.

Consider hosting coworking events such as mixers, Meetups, and classes. Have speakers come to give small seminars, and invite customers to host events, too. Creating community is what will ultimately sustain your coworking business, so don’t leave it as an afterthought.


If you are opening, or already own a coworking space, there are many factors to get right. Ultimately though, unless prospective tenants want to work there, it is all for naught. Implement the features above and your current customers will tell their friends. And prospects will be much more likely to join.

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