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Greetly offers an attractive and easy-to-use interface that takes advantage of leaving a positive and lasting impression on your visitors. Our solution is a technological innovation intended to streamline business efficiency with a highly customizable workflow to perfectly suit your brand and reception needs.

How Our Visitor Management System Works


Visitors Sign Themselves In

Upon arrival, visitors check themselves in. They can use a kiosk or go touchless using their own smartphone. A visitor will provide the reason they are visiting, their name and other info your office wants to collect, take a picture, and eSign documents.


Instant Employee Notifications

Real-time notification alerts are sent to the host employee or user upon the visitor's check-in. With our highly customizable check in app, notifications can be sent through text, email, phone call, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Hangouts. Or any combo.


The Visitor Is Greeted

The check-in process is complete and the visitor and employee can get down the business. Since the entire process is digital, everything is stored in your cloud-based visitor management logbook, including entry and exit time, host, and all data you choose to collect.


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How Our Visitor Management System Makes Your Workplace Smarter

Preregistration Confirmations

Preregistering visitors should be fast and happen within the tools your employees are already using, like their Outlook or Google calendar. Guests can then receive a warm pre-appointment invitation, including the address of your workplace, driving and transit directions, and what to do upon arrival. Check-in should be one click away. Of course, tracking the visitor experience also starts the moment they are registered. When your reception software incorporates appointment confirmations, admin staff, security teams, and all employees will have additional information to use in order to quickly process each guest and give them a warm welcome.

NDA Acknowledgment and Signatures

The NDA is another part of the entry process that many businesses use today. After all, your worksite houses people collaborating on future plans and IT equipment with your most important intellectual property. This type of agreement goes beyond the entry process and provides more specific restrictions on what the visitor can and cannot share once they have left the premises. A visitor management system should capture electronic signatures on NDAs and store them in the cloud or push them to your servers.

Visitor Handoff

Organizations carry out this step in many ways, but visitors in larger premises are often escorted to the location of their host contact. This step provides an added layer of security not only for the facility but for the personnel within. Another approach is to ensure that the guest is knowledgeable of their assigned area by providing them with precise directions or a map.

Entry Process

This step normally involves a sign in app or registration that can include the use of a keycard, badge, or other access tokens. More advanced systems incorporate screening tools for facial recognition, personal identification or information, or other methods for identity validation.

Temporary Access Control

Some visitors may require access to secure locations while staying on the premises to complete various business tasks. Some organizations provide guests with temporary access control, like allowance to open certain doors or to an elevator bank during their stay. Access controls credentials can be turned off at a scheduled time or at a moment’s notice.


Why Is Visitor Management Important? 

It Reinforces Your Brand 

Modern visitor management software applications provide organizations with a way to reinforce their branding from the moment a guest enters their reception area. Greetly will only show your brand logo, colors, and otherwise met your branding guidelines. In fact, all text can be customized to showcase your brand tone and personality.

Impress Your Visitors

Was it Albert Einstein who said you only get one chance to make a great first impression? Maybe he was too busy working on his theory of relativity, but it's still very accurate. And especially true for brands that aim to provide their guests with unique and memorable experiences. No matter the size of the organization, an ideal visitor management solution can provide them with the ability to make professional, lasting first impressions for everyone that enters their premises.

Improved Office Efficiency 

Visitor management solutions such as our Greetly platform allow users to create and design unique workflows. With features such as custom visitor check-in process flows, lightning-fast host notifications, being able to create badges, maintaining compliance, capturing digital signed NDAs and other documents, and creating and pulling reports check-in times can be significantly reduced.

Preregistration forms may even be used and sent to third parties before their scheduled appointment to further streamline the whole check-in process. After completing the preregistration processes on their own time and devices, visitors that arrive on-site can skip the wait and only need to scan a QR code to complete their check-in. 

Enhanced Data Security 

To make sure that sensitive company information remains confidential and secure, visitor management system settings can be configured to limit data access visitor data. Forget the old paper logbook you would flip through to see who else was onsite, Greetly offers best-in-class user privacy, data security, and GDPR compliance. Not only can visitors not see who entered before them, but with different user roles, Greetly can restrict visitor information to certain staff members, like management, admin, and security personnel. This restriction of information can help you prevent potential breaches since only a few, trusted individuals can access personally identifiable information (PII).

Modern Reception 

There is a huge difference between utilizing the outdated guest log and a comprehensive visitor management system. Not only is the latter more convenient and easy to use, but it’s also more efficient and effective overall. 

Reduced Waiting Times 

The host notification feature of visitor management systems can effectively reduce the waiting times for organization visitors. These instant notifications are extremely useful in modern visitor management for both the hosts and visitors alike. With media options such as notifications through text and email, companies can stay updated with their visitors while providing them with several communication options. This allows your team to be notified even when they are away from their desk.

Better On-Site Transparency 

With automated third-party interaction records as well as check-in data, organizations can develop insights that they can use internally and externally. For instance, authorized staff can create various reports according to the capabilities of the system and the information obtained. 

Such reports can be beneficial in a situation where on-site arrival and departure from secure locations are necessary. On-site transparency can be improved particularly when each visitor can be scrutinized based on how many times they entered and left and whom they met within the premises. 

Efficient Contractor Management 

Managing contractors isn’t always a walk in the park, especially where time-on-site and access levels are concerned. In most instances, traditional visitor management procedures simply trust contractors to stay within areas where they are authorized without any means to enforce it. 

With a modern visitor management solution, businesses can easily configure their systems to cater not only to their staff and clients but also to third-party contractors. Authorized personnel is provided access to vital details within the system to ensure that all contractors are compliant with the organization’s process to ensure greater physical security. 


Greetly, The Award-Winning Visitor Registration App! 

Greetly is the modern office, cloud-based visitor registration solution; an easy-to-use visitor self-service sign in application. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to capture visitor photos, record e-signatures for NDAs, check when a guest has signed out, handle packages and food deliveries, or register guests taking part in an event or tour, Greetly can do that!

Our award-winning visitor check-in app works on iPad and Android tablets, and touchless on visitors' own smartphones, technology your visitors know and understand. Greetly creates a great visitor experience while keeping your workplace healthy and productive.

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Greetly Integrates with Tools You Already Use


People do use the terms "Visitor Registration Software" and "Visitor Management System" interchangeably. A visitor management system is a broader term that includes every element of handling visitors, from checking them in, sending reception notifications, giving them access to the space, timing their departure, logging the visit, and more. Visitor registration can be an element of a visitor management system.

Whatever you want to call it, we prefer the name is "Greetly"!

Due to our ease of use and mass customization, Greetly is beloved by work environments across industries. Greetly gets glowing reviews from clients including: 

And federal, state, and local government agencies. In fact, Greetly is working with the United States Air Force to keep Airmen safe and focused on their missions. 

Thanks to robust multilingual visitor registration, Greetly is used by clients around the world. At last count, our visitor management software is used in 24 countries across six continents.

Yes. Greetly offers instant reception notifications when guests check into your work premises. Depending on how you customize your workflows, one or more hosts may be notified. 

Each host can choose their own notification preferences. Here are the common options:

  • Phone calls to a landline phone
  • Phone calls to a mobile phone
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Slack messages
  • Microsoft Teams messages
  • Google Chat messages

Greetly offers unlimited host notifications with any license.

There are several benefits of using cloud-based visitor management:

  • Free upgrades with regular product updates.
  • All of your information is available anytime, anywhere. You can view visitor reports from home or on your mobile phone. This is especially valuable should you ever need to use Greetly's evacuation feature.
  • No on-premise servers to maintain.
  • Implement your visitor registration software with off-the-shelf hardware.

Click "See It Live" to take Greetly for a spin by requesting a free, no-obligation visitor registration demo. An account manager will take the time to learn your visitor management needs and customize Greetly to meet your branding and reception needs.

Yes. Greetly is the most customizable visitor management system. Visitors will only see your brand and the check-in options that suit your reception needs.

Even better, Greetly allows you to customize the screening questions you ask at check-in. This can include drop-down lists, date pickers,  phone number and email fields, checkboxes, open text fields.

Greetly can handle whatever you can dream up to keep your workplace productive, safe, and compliant.

Yes. Greetly offers visitors the option to scan a code or click a link to complete touchless visitor registration from their own mobile phone. In fact, Greetly offered the first contactless visitor management system and we haven't stopped innovating.

Well, some people have said that! Others call us a life-saver, but hey, we don't like to brag.

Greetly offers a Digital Receptionist application delivered by an iPad (or Android, or PC, or mobile phone browser), part of the complete visitor management application.

Want to learn more? Click here to instantly schedule a demo of our award-winning software.

One way is to make check in and screening more efficient. Many companies rely on Greetly's award-winning visitor management system to do just that. When visitor registration, check in, compliance and health screenings are automated, reception and security staff can focus on higher-level work.

Another way to improve the visitor experience is to offer touchless sign in software. Some people don't want to use a shared kiosk or talk to a receptionist through a glass. They prefer to use their own smartphone to connect with their host.

Here is a more detailed article on steps for a great visitor experience.

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