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Greetly is an award-winning check-in app that helps businesses modernize their guest reception by providing an efficient and effective visitor registration system. In today’s workplace, the goal is to guarentee workplace security while making a great impression on visitors. Our award-winning app is capable of logging the identity of all office guests and notifying workers of new arrivals through text, call, email or Slack, while gathering essential visitor information. Our verification system confirms that only those authorized are allowed to enter.

Companies that can ensure a seamless sign-in process allow their guests to immediately reach their destinations without worrying about slow check-ins or having to wait for their turn in a crowded reception area. Likewise, company employees don’t lose precious time in the administrivia of visitor registration and check-in.

This is where Greetly comes in. Our system provides the best visitor registration software that is not only packed with visitor management features, but is also highly configurable to meet your needs. Book a live demo of Greetly today to see how it works.

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What Can Greetly Visitor Registration Software Do?

The role of a visitor registration system is to help automate activities like guest sign-in while ensuring both visitors and hosts are informed of their agenda. It also streamlines the reception process, and most of all, provides additional protection to the workplace.

By digitizing your visitor registration with Greetly you can facilitate:

Guest pre-registation

Visitor registration software can let you easily acquire all guest details ahead of their arrival. For example, when you use Greetly, our visitor registration system can capture all names, affiliations, guest contact information, host and reason for visiting. Visitors can be easily provided with badges that contain their details, photo, and other relevant information upon sign-in.

Less time spent at sign-in

People who come to your office trust that you’ll respect their time. A modern visitor registration system lets your visitors check themselves in an easy-to-use application right on their smartphone or tablet kiosk. By streamlining the sign-in process you can impress guests and save time.

Enhance workplace security

Using the best visitor registration software can improve workplace safety and security by letting companies verify all guests even before they arrive. This allows you to prevent any potential for unauthorized entry that can have serious consequences for a business.

Improved privacy and data security

Another important aspect of visitor registration is ensuring that your system is capable of keeping all information you gather from guests safe and secure. For instance, Greetly’s digital receptionist will take and retain photos of your guests that can be called up from Greetly’s digital logbook. The ability to store and access visitor information allows your company to stay secure and analyze your organizations business needs.

Benefits of an Automated Visitor Registration System


Visability & Accountability

With an automated visitor management system, your reception team can identify each person in your building at any time. It allows you to bring up the details of guests and perform counter-checks if there are any discrepancies in the information provided. Our cloud-based system allows you to access visitor information anytime, from anywhere, which will also provide you with the ability to study visitor patterns that you can use as business insight.



Greetly integrates with hundreds of other software products like Active Directory and Slack. Automate adding visitors to CRM lists, following up with clients and analyzing your organization’s busiest departments and times of day!


Flexible & Customizable

Automated visitor tracking software like Greetly is highly flexible. It can be customized to fit your brand, office, industry, region and language. This means that you can make changes to its settings and preferences to meet your needs. For instance, you can customize everything with your check-in workflows with Greetly — from the data you collect from guests, to the branding that they see upon interacting with the system. You can also design the welcome interface of the platform, so you can greet guests the way you want.

Greetly's Got It

With Greetly at your side, you and your team can spend time being more productive than ever before. Our visitor registration software can help speed up your sign-in process by providing modernized features such as: 

  • Instant notifications for both guests and hosts 
  • A friendly user interface with functions that are easy to understand 
  • A full range of customization and personalization options 
  • Visitor badge printing, e-signatures, NDAs, photos with full details included 
  • Integration with popular third-party apps like Slack, Zapier, and GSuite 

At this time, our Greetly visitor registration platform has checked in more than 10 million visitors, served 22 Fortune 500 companies, and is used in 24 countries worldwide. Workplaces in industries such as finance, technology, human resources, creative providers, and even government have used Greetly with great success. 

Here at Greetly, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers to understand them better and to provide them with solutions that make their lives easier. 

See for yourself how our visitor registration system can fulfill your needs. 

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