Greetly is Changing the Office Game

From an employee quitting to a supplier changing how they make deliveries,  business owners are challenged with this: Who’s going to answer the door?

Originally published by dot complicated by Randi Zuckerberg.  Reposted with permission.

Illustrating of person using a visitor management check-in appFrom an employee quitting to a supplier changing the way they make deliveries,  small business owners are bombarded with challenges on a regular basis. Another very specific struggle: Who’s going to answer the door? (Because let’s face it, receptionists are expensive.)

Greetly, a sleek new iPad visitor sign in app, is here to help small offices save money, increase productivity and create great impressions. It’s the receptionist of the modern era.

Here’s how it works: Mount an iPad to a stand and position it near the door. Visitors walk up to said iPad and use the Greetly app to check themselves in. Greetly instantly notifies host employees via their choice of text, email and/or voice call and maintains a cloud-based visitor log. In addition to checking in visitors, Greetly also accepts food and package deliveries.

After the cost of the iPad, the service ranges in price from $49 to $199 a month, depending on your headcount and the amount of visitor-log storage you need.

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