Reshaping the Workplace: How Tech Companies Can Reopen Offices

A review of the steps to take to re-open your tech company office in a manner that delights management and employees.

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to close their offices. While some employees have been able to work remotely, others have not been able to do so due to the lack of internet access or other constraints.

Tech companies are especially vulnerable because they rely on technology and software to operate their business. They also rely on a large number of employees who use computers and smartphones every day.

However, with factors like mass-scale vaccination and private-public shared efforts, it became possible to reduce the devastation brought by the pandemic. Thus, many tech companies are returning to work-from-office mode. In a recent survey by Microsoft, nearly half of the business leaders want their employees to come to the office for their work in the next year.

As these tech companies reopen their offices, they need to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges and opportunities that will arise when they reintegrate back into their workplace after being closed for several months.

Importance of Adopting Hybrid Work Culture

Best visitor management system for hybrid officesAs tech companies begin to reopen their offices, they’re faced with a decision: do they go back to the way things were before? Or do they adopt a new way of working that’s better suited to the demands of today’s workforce?

The answer is simple. Tech companies looking to reopen their offices should adopt a hybrid work culture.

According to Accenture’s Future of Work Study 2021, 83% of workers would prefer a hybrid working model. It’s clear that the traditional workplace is outmoded in today’s economy. And tech companies that want to attract top-notch talent need to offer employees flexible work arrangements if they want their employees to stay on board.

In addition, adopting a hybrid work culture can help companies save money on real estate costs, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and reduce turnover rates. All of these can impact a company’s bottom line significantly.

Role of Effective Visitor Management System

Smart office visitor management solutionMany tech companies had to shut down their offices during the pandemic. As they reopen, it is crucial that they have an effective visitor management system in place.

With so many people having bad experiences in corporate lobbies, it’s important that companies open their doors to the public again with a system in place that will ensure a pleasant and productive experience for everyone who visits.

According to a 2020 survey by Proxyclick, nearly 48% of US respondents said they’d had negative experiences in corporate lobbies. That’s a huge number. It’s also one that can be easily addressed with the right visitor management system.

Most people want to be greeted by name as soon as they enter the building and would like to be informed about amenities such as cafés and gift shops before being asked for an appointment or arriving at their destination. And most importantly, visitors want first-class treatment from employees throughout the entire process.

These are all things that can be achieved with a tech company visitor management system. These are just some of the reasons why it is so important for tech companies looking to reopen their offices after shutting down due to layoffs and downsizing.

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Increase the Frequency of Janitorial Services

As tech companies prepare to reopen their offices after the pandemic, they need to ensure that their employees are protected from germs. The best way to do this is by increasing the frequency of janitorial services.

According to research by scientists, a typical worker can encounter high-risk hotspots during a working day at the office, which makes them exposed to different germs like rhinovirus, norovirus, and rotavirus. This is especially important for tech companies because their employees work in close proximity and have shared spaces, with roughly 19% of Americans not having any assigned desks.

This risky environment calls for an increased frequency of janitorial services offered to workers at their facilities. For example, some companies only clean their office floors once every four weeks, while others clean them every three months or even less frequently.

By increasing the frequency with which their floors, spaces, and systems are cleaned, tech companies can reduce the number of germs that get into their offices. This will make it easier for workers to adjust when they return after being away from physical offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Implement Safety Measures

Best technology company visitor management softwareIn the wake of the pandemic, many companies have taken time to evaluate their safety measures, and some have made changes to improve them.

One of these changes is the use of hand sanitizers and masks. Hand sanitizers can help prevent the spread of germs, while masks can reduce the risk of contracting illnesses by keeping you from breathing in airborne pathogens. Both are easy to install and maintain and can be used at any time in your office.

Another change involves temperature screening kiosks. These kiosks allow employees to screen themselves for elevated body temperatures using a thermometer. If your company is plagued with employees taking sick days, this may be a good option for you because it allows them to check their temperatures and plan the day accordingly.

Designing your offices with physical distancing in mind can also help prevent germs from spreading as easily between coworkers and colleagues who share desk space or are otherwise close together.

Reopening Your Workplace Safely for the First Time Will Require Planning and Preparation

As the tech industry continues to thrive, companies must maintain a safe and healthy work environment. As they reopen their offices, it’s important to remember that safety should be priority number one, not just because of legal obligations but because it’s the right thing to do.

Through proper planning and preparation, tech companies can create a safe place for their employees without sacrificing efficiency or profitability.

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