How to Hold More Effective Meetings with Clients

Tips and tricks on how to use modern technology to make business meetings with clients and prospects more productive for all stakeholders.

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Client meetings are essential for every business as the salespeople always close the order through direct discussions. In a traditional sense, client meetings are conducted in every office to plan various activities and discuss the project development.

Following specific proven strategies will make the client meetings more effective and help convert the leads into buying customers.

Use technology

Features of the best virtual reception softwareYou can use technology to make the client meetings exciting and engaging, taking them to a new world. The meetings no longer need to be monotonous where one person speaks, and the other people listen without any interest. Conduct virtual meetings where each person gets a chance to express their views clearly.

Use high-end technology to make the meetings enjoyable with soft music and the right pictures. Use various tools for data scraping, add graphics, and use automation bots to create impressive stories and case studies to present in the meeting. Greetly is a visitor management system used in most modern offices to create virtual receptions. Highlight such new features in your office during client meetings to impress them easily.

Keep the meeting short and precise

Most of the employees agree they lose interest in the presentation after five minutes, and their minds wander. Keep the meeting as short and precise as possible and summarize all the essential points within the first five minutes.

Communicate important points or detailed drafts regarding the meetings beforehand or after the clients read in detail. If you present a case study about how automation helped you save time, make it into a two-minute video. Give impressive statistics and use good pictures to make it look pleasing. Send the actual case study document to the client in the email, which they can refer to later when they have time.

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Use PPTs and infographics

Using visitor management and infographics for productive business meetingsPowerpoint has improved enormously, making it a breeze to create impressive presentations. Use infographics to make the displays more realistic and add slight animations and gifs to make the slides funny. The more attractive your storytelling technique, the more impressive your presentation will become.

Virtual meetings are a great platform to showcase impressive presentations with various slides and sound effects. Impress the clients with the best techniques you got and hire graphic designers offering freelance service to make your slides more awesome. Showing a presentation with bar charts and an infographic designed like a mobile phone has numerous differences, and everybody prefers the second one.

Storytelling with data

Tell a story with your data analysis and report instead of presenting the data in a number format. A success story must start with an attractive introduction, quoting something funny to get attention. List the challenges and highlight how your product overcame the issue. Show the success statistics in numbers now and showcase your product’s best features at last.

Clients get impressed only if they know how their business can profit from the meeting. Listing your product’s impressive features, in the beginning, won’t help. Show them how it helped another company earn more with a story and data proof first, and then talk about your product specialties to close the deal.

Make the meeting interactive

Involve the clients in the meeting while giving a presentation or conducting a virtual meeting. Keep the meeting as interactive as possible by asking open-ended questions and asking them to respond constantly with an emoji or a yes or no. Add interactive buttons in the middle of the video or presentation and ask the client to choose an option to proceed.

Such things will keep the client’s concentration hooked to your slide and make them listen intently because a question might pop up at any time. They will also enjoy the experience as they feel like they are in control, directing the presentation the entire time.

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