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How Your Reception Area Serves as the Gateway to Your Business

Your reception area creates first impressions. Here is how to take advantage of this space to showcase your brand, products, and organizational culture.

Originally published by Gen Forward. Reposted with permission.

The office reception reflects who you are, the core values of the business, and what it stands for. When clients, visitors, or employees walk through the office door, they get their first impression of the organization from the reception area. So, you should ensure that it looks perfect.

While visual appearance is the most important in this area, it’s vital to consider a technology touch to add a feather to the cap of your brand. Here are various ways your reception area serves as the gateway to your business.

The Check-in process tells about your technology

TVisitor using touchless check-in softwarehe tools and the technology used at the reception tell more about the technological level of the business. Is the business up to date with the recent technology? Writing in the register and pinning on handwritten identify badges seems inappropriate for most visitors or clients. Technology transforms your office reception with top-notch security and hospitality.

Visitors can just be allowed into the building without going through the traditional check-in process. Greetly’s visitor sign in system is the perfect visitor registration software. It doesn’t require expensive software, and it frees you from the inefficient use of human resources. This boosts the visitors’ confidence about the technology being used in the business. It’s a perfect way to seem modern and competent.

Your brand starts here

Ad agency guest check in softwareWhat kind of message are you trying to send by your reception area outlook? In most cases, this message ties with the brand of the business. This includes the other characteristics and the values that the business associates with. It’s through this area that you will be able to project a sense of professionalism and expertise.

This area should evoke feelings of trustworthiness, competency, and efficiency. The office’s front desk makes a distinctive statement about how organized the business is. That’s why you should always ensure that it’s neat and well-arranged. It’s not always easy to summarize the clear picture that the office desk sends to everyone who enters the office. 

The staff makes the visitors comfortable

Visitors tend to be more comfortable when the staff at the reception area are more welcoming. How is the staff at the reception dressed? It is worth mentioning that the staff at the reception should also be dressed as per the color of you brand. Depending on the field of your specialization, ensure that you choose a uniform that resonates well with your services.

Communication is key in the reception area. The tone of voice and the choice of words plays a big role in making the visitors more comfortable regardless of what’s written on the business’s “about” page. That’s why the staff in this area should highly be trained on the best ways to deal with visitors or clients who visit the office.

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A welcoming atmosphere has a positive impact

Visitor management system with access control integrationsThe reception allows people to know more about the business’s background and culture while waiting for the services. It makes all the visitors feel like an essential part of the business. That’s why you should keep the area clutter-free and clean. This suggests to the clients that this is how you run your business. It’s the perfect way to gain trust at the first moment.

As long as the environment is welcoming, you can expect the negotiations to go smoothly. That’s why the reception area is undoubtedly worth the investment. The furniture at the reception should provide comfort to everyone who visits the office. When clients are treated well, they tend to return for more day after day. And this leads to more sales by the business. 

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