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You've decided to move into a coworking space. This post offers tips for getting the best personal and professional ROI from your shared workspace.

Like any office, coworking has a cost. They question for the coworker is, do you treat it like an investment or an expense in yourself? What makes the difference? Show up. Not just physically, on occasion. Rather, turn your coworking space into an investment by leveraging all all of the resources and networking opportunities.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your coworking space and membership.

Making Your Coworking Dollars Pay off Big

Members networking at a coworking eventCommunity ROI

It’s easy to connect to the internet anywhere today when you need it. It’s not as easy to find people who are inspiring, keep you motivated, and are an open, smart resource to get answers, a unique perspective, or referrals… just when you need it most.

How do you identify a thriving coworking community? Here are some clues:

  1. Members are the real community leaders. Members spontaneously welcome and introduce themselves to new people. They openly share stories about how the space works for them. If I’m not available, Suite Spotters give tours. And frankly, their tours are far better than mine.
  2. Member create and share stories. Stories are regularly shared about members helping one another and doing business together having first met at a coworking space. Whether as vendor/client or as partners in a new collaboration, the community culture encourages beneficial relationships to develop.
  3. The best loyalty program ever designed. There’s no threat of pitching or poaching of clients…ever. Members who would typically be considered competitors share information with one another to help each other out. There’s a true sense that there’s enough business out there to go around.

Coworking space collaboration and conference rooms

Use It or Lose It

Most coworking spaces offer meeting room use as part of their membership plans. Here are three ways to get the most out of your meeting room allowance:

  1. Host meetings with potential clients, vendors, or partners at your coworking space, rather than in a restaurant. In addition to the privacy and impressive space, you’ll save money even if you bring in food.
  2. Are you driving all over town unnecessarily for meetings? Use the technology available in your coworking space to schedule a video conference instead. Besides saving the expense of gas and wear and tear on your car; even more importantly, time is money. Spend it wisely.
  3. Book a room for focus time. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll power through a task when you make an appointment with yourself. You’ll also find the change in venue has a big impact on your productivity.

Be sure you understand all the amenities that are offered by your coworking plan, then use them. Whether it’s your meeting room allowance, member events, private phone booths, complimentary coffee, or a kitchen that makes packing breakfast or lunch easy, don’t leave opportunity and money on the table.

Coworking space with a mediation room to boost productivity

Gain Business Cred

With the prevalence of coworking for freelancers and sole proprietors, an expectation is setting in among their prospective clients. Where they operate their business is a factor being considered by prospective clients. A professional physical office space denotes stability and confidence in continued success. Coworking offers an affordable and flexible professional office option that a home office or coffee shop does not.

Make 2018 the year you invest in yourself by coworking. Then show up and thrive!


Sue Reardon is the co-founder of Suite Spotte, a coworking community with offices in the Chicago suburbs of La Grange and Forest Park. Suite Spotte brings coworking to Main Street.

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