Negotiating a Business Deal Successfully During a Slow Market

Learn from the firms that know that to negotiate a business deal, there will be certain techniques to know to come out on top, even in a slow market.

Originally published by IEEE. Re-posted with permission.

Most businesses blame the pandemic for the slow market. However, there are businesses that face the same change and problems but have found the steps for negotiating successful business deals. They don’t negotiate with resignation but with determination. They know that to negotiate a business deal, there will be certain techniques to know to come out on top, even in a slow market. 

Setting the tone

Technology company virtual receptionist softwareThe advantages of a business deal are many and for a new business wanting to expand, good business deals include other companies helping such a new business get started. Before you start negotiating any deal, you need to impress with your offerings. It’s why a visitor management system is so essential. It gives the right impression to anyone visiting. 

Greetly knows the importance of visitor protocols these days and their unique visitor management system sets the tone for what a business represents. They are a leading touchless visitor management system. With such a positive visitor experience, it will be only natural that any deals will stand the ultimate chance at success. 


Trust still stands strong in slow markets

Trust is something that has flown out the window in 2021. Negotiating a business deal successfully during a slow market is, of course, a mutual agreement between different parties who all want to do business together. Negotiating such a business deal requires approaching others with respect and building trust over time.

You want to show other parties that you are someone who can be counted on just by the way you conduct yourself and the way you perform your duties. To negotiate a business deal requires also being emotionally intelligent too – watching your speech and emotions so that you can create a good working environment. 

How to face problems 

As a business negotiating a deal, you have to give consideration to the other party’s interests. The pandemic has created many problems for a business and it is important to understand how a business will solve the problems it faces. 

When you are entering a long-term agreement with another company, it’s important to know how they will face solving their customer’s needs. Customers are, after all, the lifeblood of a business. It won’t help if a business takes months to go into solution mode for customers.

Do the research

An essential aspect of important negotiations to clinch a deal is thorough research on the other company. So essentially, one of the most important steps for negotiating a deal is to do research even before you start negotiating. You need to know as much as you can about the other party. Where do they operate, what is their culture and what are their values? 

The slow market has changed things and businesses are more lenient in some aspects. When it comes to negotiating, by understanding something of the other company, you can glean information about whether the terms of any agreement can be modified. A lot depends on the approach and what your body language is. 

A plan of action without procrastination

An important step in the negotiation process is to finally formalize the agreement. The market may be slow, but your deal and plan of action needn’t be. Time is a valuable resource and you want to show that you can be on time for work commitments and deadlines. It builds credibility and says you can be counted on. 

So at the end of the negotiation meeting, it means agreeing to what the next step will be and putting it into action without procrastinating. During the negotiation of a deal, procrastination is just one of the reasons why a deal can fail and a business wonders why it doesn’t get the recognition it wants. 

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