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Visitor Badges: An Easy Solution to a Serious Problem | eReceptionist

Posted by Greetly on February 15, 2018

Who visited your office this past month? Last week? Today? Why were they there? Could you identify them? If someone walked in who wasn't supposed to be there, would you know it? Would your co-workers know it?

Employee Safety & Security

Although there's no need to incite unnecessary fear in your team, there's also no need to allow potentially dangerous individuals to wander about when it's so easy to identify visitors as legitimate. Let's pose a few questions involving routine security at your office.

  • If a visitor came to your office, could he or she be identified immediately by office personnel as a potential threat or a legitimate visitor?
  • If a visitor were discovered in an unauthorized area, could he verify his identity and purpose for being there?
  • Could your receptionist identify each individual that comes into your office? Most likely, you don't even have a dedicated receptionist

If you cannot answer yes to these questions, you may have an easily resolvable workplace safety issue. It involves establishing an office wide policy for identifying visitors that includes requiring visitors to wear professional-looking name badges.

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Visitor badges at coworking eventsEttiquette and Professionalism

It has happened to all of us. Especially busy professionals. An individual walks into the office - a former client, a current client, a potential client, a partner, someone you met at that networking even last week - and you can't remember her name. Understandable? Sure. Professional? Not really.

Now, what if your receptionist were able to print name badges with visitor pictures as part of the check-in process? Let's just say it's a lot more professional to glance quickly at a name tag than to spend an hour distracted while racking your brain trying to remember that visitor's name.

In addition, if you use your office or shared working space to host coworking events and gatherings, name tags will allow complete strangers to know each other instantly. It'll also help your workers avoid that awkward name forgetting incident that occurs so frequently at office gatherings.


Visitor Badges for the Modern Office

Many businesses and public offices have used visitor badges for security and identity purposes for years. Even a highly digital office is likely to still use hand written names on a tag that's pinned or stuck on an individual's shirt. Although you've probably never altered a name tag while visiting one of these places, you do realize it can be done quite easily.

You've probably also realized they look and feel a little silly in a professional setting.


Greetly eReceptionist name badge printer

The eReceptionist Solution

Just like the visitor sign in sheet has given way to the automated receptionist, what if instead of sticking an easily alterable, non-professional looking name tag on an individual, you could easily print a visitor badge? As part of the visitor check in process! Well, here's some good news: Greetly is a full-service eReceptionist that can print visitor badges as part of the guest registration process. Greetly has partnered with Brother's name badge printer and can produce visitor stickers that includes your visitor's name and photo, who they are visiting, along with the check-in date and time.

That means no guessing who's there, no forgetting client names, and no feeling a little silly with your sticky name tags and permanent markers.

Find out how Greetly can help with all your visitor check in app needs, including identifying visitors.


Visitor Name Badge Components

A temporary name badge should include:

  • Visitor's first name
  • Visitor's last name
  • Visitor's photo
  • The employee or host who is responsible for the guest
  • Check in day and time



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