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And You Are? | Greetly iPad Check in App Introduces Visitor Badges

Visitor Badges have never been better.

Visitor Badges, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Visitor Badges!

(Wait, actually, we all do.)

Visitor badges are often a necessary evil. They aren't always the most glamorous approach to workplace security, but in many industries, we know they're a must-have. Whether you are a large company with many new faces, have a security or clearance requirement that necessitates the badge, or you just like to know your guests' names, now that we’ve modernized the ole sticky label and gone beyond the magic marker, you’ll be happy we have this new feature.

Greetly's digital receptionist now prints visitor badges

With Greetly, as part of your check-in app, you can take a photo of your visitors. With that, Greetly's fancy visitor badge printer will automatically print a visitor badge with their photo, allowing each guest to be documented for their time in your office, and help you recognize guests in a large office or a shared workspace that often has many new faces. Whether it’s an interview candidate, a prospective client, or a vendor, you’ll be able to quickly recognize who’s who and get on with your meeting.

Even better, if you’re hosting a Happy Hour or networking event, we can now provide you with a quick name tag solution that doesn’t leave a leaking pen or magic marker ink on your guests’ hands as they check-in.

And heck, if you’re like us, remembering everyone's names can be tough. Now you can focus on the important stuff, like selling in your next big idea, or pitching that client your latest feature! (see what we did there?)

---Dave at Greetly

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