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You might be surprised how much crime is committed by office visitors. A visitor management policy will mitigate your risk and implementation is a breeze.

Modern offices must have an adequate check-in and visitor management policy. Without one, organizations are vulnerable to intruders attempting to steal from, disrupt or otherwise interfere with their businesses.

Yes, It Can Happen to You

Maskted visitor stealing office data off a laptop computerThere have been too many companies that have proverbially "left the barn door open". Intruders simply walked in the front door and employees failed to confront them in order to avoid making a scene. There are many additional reasons why a firm might also want a sophisticated visitor management policy. It protects your employees, equipment, and data. It also allows workers to speak freely about the business knowing everyone around is on the same team. Because of this, most experts agree every entrant must be cleared through the system or else they are not permitted on site.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Visitors

Firms need a visitor management policy because it helps them control everything that goes on in each location. Further, it is important for audits and reviews of historical meetings. These are important in sales efforts, lawsuits, partnerships, and talent management. Imagine pitching a client that you didn't realize had already visited the site six months previously. Without that relevant info, salespeople may be embarrassed and lose the deal. A check-in app that saves this information will help to solve this problem.

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Company Visitor Policy Basics

As with many aspects of business, you will need to tailor your visitor policy to the unique nature of your office and industry. However, some basics include:

  • Every single guest - whether a vendor or employee's significant other - must sign a visitor logbook. Depending on your industry, you may also require that visitors sign themselves out, or have employees do it on their behalf.  
  • Have guests wear a visible visitor badge. This way, if an employee doesn't recognize someone, they can instantly determine whether they are a registered and approved guest. A consideration is badges with the visitor's photo or a copy of their photo ID.
  • If there is a risk of visitors stealing your intellectual property or data, have them eSign an NDA. If an experienced business, consider having customers sign waivers
  • Determine which buildings, rooms, devices, and networks visitors can access
  • Have a plan around whether all visitors must be accompanied by an employee at all times, or whether certain visitors are entrusted to roam the facility on their own
  • Where deliveries are to be received
  • Whether solicitors are allowed on your premises
  • Know in advance how you will address an intrusion
  • Consider addressing whether alcohol, smoking or weapons are allowed
  • Ensure all employees know the visitor policy as it might apply to them

A Visitor Management System Is a Simple Solution

Greetly visitor management system in a kiosk

Visitor management policies should include both written guidelines and technology to ease the process. The guidelines should require every person on-site to be vetted or invited at all times.

Visitor check-in apps for business help make applying your guidelines easy. These apps help to record the entrance and exit of each person to the site. They can be integrated into other systems through integrations, CSV files or other methods. All records are consolidated into a cloud-based visitor logbook or the firm's data stack for future analysis and use. That makes the site much more secure and seamless over the long run.


Sadly, office theft by visitors is a real crime. This can include visitors stealing physical items or your data. Flexible office spaces, telecommuting, and general employee mobility have exacerbated the issue.

Just as with emergency preparedness, it is important that your company develop and communicate a visitor management policy. This will mitigate your risk. This new policy does not need to be a major burden on your staff. Fortunately, digital visitor management systems provide a cost-efficient technical solution to this issue. 

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