How to Improve Your Office Entrance Security

Posted by Greetly Digital Receptionist on April 19, 2021
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Making the effort to double-down on entrance security will give you and your employees peace of mind and reduce the potential threat of intruders, particularly important in today’s era of heightened safety concerns. Taking the time to think through to the top steps in securing your entrances can prevent a potentially dangerous breach (like this one) on your premises. Here are four important ways you can better secure your office's entrances.

Manage and Track Visitor Access

While most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the budget to afford a full-time security guard to check visitors at the entrance, a digital visitor management system can go a long way in automating the screening of visitor credentials and tracking visitors inside a facility. Greetly’s fully customizable digital reception software allows you to create a digital visitor log, automatically check in all arrivals, and know immediately who is in the building should an emergency occur. Guests can be required to scan a preregistration code, an RFID card or magstripe card, and you can take a guest’s photo and print visitor badges to help employees easily identify if someone is out of place. Learn more about all of Greetly’s front-desk security and vetting features.

Have Eyes Everywhere

When experts discuss physical office security, surveillance cameras are almost always an essential part of the picture. Cameras act as a deterrent for criminals who can see that their every move is being watched. For employees, the presence of surveillance equipment is often reassuring. And most modern systems are digital, easy to set up and let you have eyes on your property at all hours, from anywhere. Just as front-porch home security systems have been revolutionized by easy-to-install systems like Ring, businesses can now tap into surveillance technology that’s affordable, simple to set up and affordable.

Develop Security Routines and Train Staff

You’ll want to make a security checklist for staff who are responsible for opening and closing your business each morning and evening. However, reviewing entry and exit safety measures with all employees is mission critical for office safety. Communicate the importance of preventing “tailgating” (which is when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person through an open door), propping doors open for any reason and reporting lost or stolen keys or access cards.  

Illuminate Your Entrance

Ensuring a well-lit outdoor entrance and indoor lobby at your facility will help deter ne’er-do-wells from lurking undetected. There are times for almost all busy businesses when workers will need to stay late, so ensuring that the lighting is suitably bright from the lobby to the front door all the way out to the parking lot is important to helping ensure employees’ safety.

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