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Becoming a Smart Office? Don’t Forget Reception | Greetly Check in App

Today's smart offices are data-driven... Who visits your office, whom they are visiting, and the reason allows you to manage your office more efficiently

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.

William Shakespeare

In today’s smart office, data can be collected and analyzed to improve every aspect of your operation. Unlike traditional visitor logs, Greetly, the iPad receptionist app for the modern office, provides insight into:

  • Who visits your office
  • Who they are visiting
  • The reason for their visit

And lets face it, while we hope it never comes into play, you also need this knowledge to minimize liability. Your lobby and the receptionist function are vital elements of a smart office. Here are three ways Greetly makes your office smarter.

Digital > Paper


A digital office is a smart office. Greetly creates an audit trail of every visitor to your smart office. A digital visitor log has many advantages over the traditional paper visitor log – not to mention the improvement over no visitor log.

First, a digital visitor log is legible. No longer will you need to guess at the names of your guests. Whether you have a few visitors per week or you manage the White House, Greetly allows you to know with certainty who visited your office, when they arrived, and when they departed.

Further, a digital visitor logbook also allows your office to capture information a paper log cannot. Greetly allows you to capture visitor photos within the log, non-disclosure agreement acceptance and much more. Information is captured digitally and stored in the cloud so it can be reviewed or analyzed at any time.

Moreover, your Greetly visitor management system improves workplace security and privacy. Visitors (and employees) cannot flip through the book to see which competitors have been onsite, when and who they met with.

Enhanced Emergency Response

Hopefully, this never happens, but what if there were an emergency in your office that required an evacuation? Preparing for such a scenario means having a plan for communicating with your employees to ensure their safety. Companies must also be prepared to do the same for visitors, many of whom will be less familiar with your facility.

The digital visitor log created by Greetly makes your office’s emergency response smarter and more efficient. Greetly’s cloud-based visitor log can be used to determine which visitors were onsite based on the timestamp of their check-in and check out. Greetly would also inform your company as to which employees they were visiting, providing insight into where in the facility they are most likely to be. Office managers can also use this information to contact the host employee to confirm visitors’ safety and convey instructions or other key information

And since all this information is stored in the cloud it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. For paper logs, the recommended procedure is for someone to grab the book. In many emergencies, however, the paper visitor log may not be accessible if employees do not follow protocol. Even if they do, it may be unclear who has the visitor book and only one person can access the information at a time.

Smart Analysis

Business professionals in a conference room reviewing visitor data analytics

A digital visitor log also provides management with tools for smart analysis of their visitor data. Greetly allows management to understand:

  • How many visitors does their office receive
  • Trends as to when visitors arrive and depart
  • Trends around why visitors come
  • Which individuals and departments host the most visitors
  • Which restaurants and package delivery services make the most deliveries – and therefore who to negotiate discounts with.

As you can see, there are several reasons Greetly is a vital tool for a smart office. From having clear, auditable digital visitor log information, to enhanced emergency response, to employee perks like restaurant discounts, Greetly can make your office smarter and more efficient.

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