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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Companies | Greetly iReceptionist

New Year's resolutions won't guarantee success in 2017, but not taking these steps will guarantee you fall short of your productivity potential.

Although New Year’s resolutions, planning, and setting goals won’t guarantee success in 2017, not taking these steps for 2017 will virtually guarantee you fall short of your productivity potential.

Set some goals for growth, productivity, and employee satisfaction in 2017. Here are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions for companies and the people who run them.

Work Smarter

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Simply boasting that you’ll work smarter in 2017 isn’t a goal. Identifying three to five specific steps you can take to work smarter in 2017 is.

Begin by analyzing your own efforts. What is one thing you can eliminate in 2017 that will make you a better office manager, small business owner, or executive? Do you not give yourself ample time in the morning to organize daily activities, for example? Do you lack organization and waste time looking for important files regularly? Do you easily lose time due to workplace distractions?

Once you’ve identified specific habits you can change, resolve to follow through. Set a goal for each behavior you want to change or, if there are many behaviors, achieve these goals one at a time.

Once you’ve established goals for yourself, identify ways your staff can improve their work efficiency. This can be handled on an individual basis or on a group level. It’s critical that you allow individuals to establish their own goals, but you can provide ideas.

For example, your staff might spend time reading emails that could be better used generating leads or attending to other work duties. Address this at the next meeting (or ironically, via email). Show them the benefit of working smarter and hold them accountable by checking progress.

Make Yourself More Valuable

You will ultimately get paid based on the amount of value you bring to the company. Make yourself, therefore, as valuable as you can. These questions will help you determine a specific course of action. If you are the owner of the business, these questions will help you determine a course of action for making yourself more valuable in the marketplace.

  1. Why exactly do I get paid? The most important thing should always be the most important thing. In other words, you make the company money when what happens? Whatever that result is will determine your focus for improvement. If, for example, you get paid for selling a specific item, then set a goal to sell more. If your company gets paid more if it processes claims faster, then set a goal to process claims faster.
  2. What are my strengths and how do I let others know? Identify what you are really good at. If it aligns with the first question on this list, then make sure the person or people who provide your income know this. This might include a boss or it might include customers. If your strengths do not line up with the first question, find ways your strengths can support your primary duties.
  3. How could I benefit from a business-related self-improvement seminar? The surest way to become more valuable at work is to become more valuable. Set a goal to find a class or seminar that will make you a better person. It could be something that relates directly to your work or it could simply be a way to improve your overall efficiency.

Improve Relationships

Confident businesswoman after implementing a visitor check-in appWhether you’re managing a large staff, a small staff, or running your own company, your ultimate success depends on relationships with employees, business associates, and customers.

If you’re an office manager, for example, and notice that office morale declined during 2016, set a goal to improve it in 2017. This might mean resolving to greet each employee as he or she enters in the morning. It could include a goal to acknowledge birthdays. It might even mean getting rid of employees who no longer deserve to be employed.

Increase Sales

When it comes to running a business or managing an office, the ultimate way to measure success is to increase sales and production. It, therefore, almost always behooves business owners and managers to set a specific goal for increasing sales.

If you reach your smart office goals, making yourself more valuable, and improving customer and employee relationships, you are well on your way to increasing sales.

A toast to a prosperous 2017!

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