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3 Easy Small Business Money Saving Strategies | Greetly

Three effective, yet simple to implement, tips to help your small business save money, increase profits and compete against larger competitors.

In a dynamic economy, having an agile and productive business model is the only way for a company to thrive. Small businesses will need to find ways to save money without affecting their productivity as a way of increasing profits. Luckily, the tools and technologies available today make it possible to run a business on a shoestring budget. Today we present three easy tips to help your small business or nonprofit save money:

Save Electricity

Reducing energy usage in your company is a great way of minimizing running costs. Shut down computers, turn off fans and lights when they are not in use. You can also invest in more efficient technology such as LED bulbs which are bound to give you returns in the future. Keeping your employees conscious about energy usage can encourage them to minimize power usage at work.

A secondary benefit is employees prefer to work at "green" companies. Research shows that productivity tends to rise when workers feel their employer is environmentally friendly. So figure out which factors matter most to your team and you will experience multiple benefits.

Use Open Source Software

Most small businesses will need some sort of software. But enterprise versions of popular proprietary software usually come with a big price tag. Look for open-source alternatives or cloud computing technology that offers the same service as other vendors. Sometimes, open-source software has large communities that take the trouble to update and improve its functionality to make it more useful.

Automate Processes

Office automation tools can replace all of those manual, repetitive processes that slow down productivity. You can automate your social media strategy, customer service process, and even the work of your receptionist! Greetly, for instance, is a digital visitor check-in system, a virtual receptionist, that allows you to handle visitors, check-outs, package deliveries, and much more. A digital visitor management system has many benefits, like the fact that they work 24/7 to serve your visitors and employees.


In this article, we explored three easy ways your company or non-profit organization can save money. Of course, there are many other ways you can save money for your business, depending on the products and services you offer. Pay close attention to your organization’s productivity and where you can improve to identify additional cost-cutting opportunities.

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