The Future of Healthy Buildings

What do the healthiest workplaces have in common? Our founder, Dave Milliken, explores the answers in a must-read article published by

Have you been considering what would make your workplace healthier lately? Maybe better ventilation, frequent sanitization, more natural light, ergonomic chairs, tighter security?

Healthy buildings begin with a touchless visitor management systemFounder of Greetly, Dave Milliken, has thought a lot about what makes a building a healthy place to work, and he’s written about it over at in an article titled “Healthy Buildings Start with Touchless Tech.”

In the article, Dave makes the case that the health of buildings starts at the front desk. Now, more than ever, we understand the need for employees and visitors to avoid close contact — whether from COVID-19 or the flu. “To keep people healthy in a shared workspace, we need to set up systems that avoid unnecessary physical contact,” he writes. Fortuitously, a recent surge in touchless technology makes this problem highly solvable.

Key Takeaways

Read the Healthy Buildings article to learn more about Dave’s insights on:

  • What characteristics healthy buildings all have in common
  • How to embrace collaboration while keeping employees healthy
  • The future of the front desk and what it will look like
  • Advances like biometric-based access, gesture controls, and voice recognition
  • How to give your employees greater peace of mind

Healthy Office Action Step

Inspired to set up a touchless reception experience in your workplace and create a healthier environment for your employees and guests? Contact Greetly. Our easy-to-install digital reception system can help protect your staff and guests from illness and streamline your front desk in the process.

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