Tips for Implementing a Hybrid Work Model in Your Organization

Businesses the world over are starting to return to a new normal - the hybrid workplace. Here are tips to creating a smooth transition back to the office.

Originally published by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. Re-posted with permission.

Businesses the world over are starting to return to normal. Nothing will really go back to what it once was and a hybrid work model is here to stay as the new norm. It’s not all going to be smooth sailing and having a mix of in-office and also remote workers will no doubt present some challenges in an organization.

Visitor using a touchless check-in appThe pandemic has brought in new ideas for organizations. As workplaces start to reopen, organizations find that many of their workforce aren’t keen to give up the remote work that was once forced on them. Greetly is a cloud-based visitor management system that serves businesses around the world as they start receiving their staff back to the office.

The digital receptionist will cope with everyone, even vendors, and sort out their e-signatures, visitor- and permanent staff badges and also inputs their reason for being in the office in the first place. It simply helps a business automate the data collection process, notifying the right person about the arrival of a guest to the facility. It’s available on a monthly subscription basis.

Introduce ‘at-home’ days

Managers that implement a hybrid work model will have to quickly clear up any confusion about who works when. In fact, one of the first things that workers need to do as workers return is to establish which days they will work from home.

True, not everyone will be given a choice about where they work, but many companies that have made use of remote working are expecting their staff to be flexible about the new arrangements. Many employees become unreasonable and want to hand in their resignation if they can’t work remotely full time anymore.

Ensure a super hygienic workplace

Manufacturing plant virtual reception applicationBefore managers allow employees to return to the office, there are certain guidelines they have to conform to. They have to follow government guidelines to ensure the workplace is super hygienic. Coronavirus cases are still high in spite of vaccines and every workplace has to remain on high alert and remain ever vigilant about social distancing and hygiene.

The Government has made recommendations about- and also released the ‘Working Safely’ guidelines on how businesses need to continue with social distancing. They also suggest that where possible, workers should continue to work from home where possible.

Take stock of business requirements

Before you start welcoming staff back, think about how your new hybrid business will operate. Are there those days where all staff must be in the office? What office space is available and can social distancing be conducted? Does the business still have all the technology it needs to enable this hybrid system to work?

In fact, reviewing your business requirements and also your employees’ work preferences, you need to decide whether hybrid working would suit your organization and how everything will work. A key part of the hybrid workplace is collaboration software which is designed to minimize the confusion of lots of people all working on the same task but from different locations. There are apps that make it easy to collaborate wherever your team is.

You’ll need proper communication

For the success of your hybrid work model, an important priority will be setting up effective ways of communication with each other. What forms of communication will you use in an organization where some employees work in the office, others at home, and others doing both?

In a hybrid office, different communication methods will need to be used to enable employees to achieve their goals. Video calls, face-to-face conversations, emails, video conferencing, phone calls, and instant messaging are all communication tools that will be needed for hybrid communication.

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