2022 Design Trends for Office Spaces

An overview of modern office design trends as workplaces move towards hybrid work and use of technology to maximize collaboration and work/life balance.

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Over the years, office spaces have started embracing creativity, technology, and color in their designs. It has been proven that well-designed office spaces often boost the morale of the employees and increase their productivity resulting in better results for the company.

Companies are investing in converting their once lifeless, plain office cubicles into bright-colored, sunlit, and ergonomically designed places of work where employees can be at peak productivity. Here are some of the trending office space designs for 2022.

Embracing new technologies

Visitor management with Azure directory services integrationsMost companies incorporate new technologies into most activities carried out in the office. Most activities that were once done manually have now been digitized. Staff now use biometric technology to sign in to work and sign out, smart boards, intercoms, wireless chargers for employees, and electric outlets, making life much easier in the workspace. The modern offices invest heavily in securing their premises with the best apps and tools and one such great option is the Greetly visitor sign-in app.

With the app, you can store the visitor data and navigate and use it whenever needed. An office is a busy place and with different visitors walking in and out the entire day, you need the best technology to keep your office environment totally safe and secure.

Use of biophilic design

The concept behind the biophilic design is that due to the fast-paced environment, people are losing touch with nature. They spend more time behind screens either working or watching and less time enjoying a nice walk at the park or hike. This has, in turn, led them to be more anxious, depressed, and irritated.

Due to this, offices have started incorporating biophilic designs in the workspace by bringing nature to the office. This is through introducing real plants into the office, water features, designing the office using natural materials like rocks and wood, and using earth tones in the office. All these are supposed to invoke a feeling of nature, making the employees more relaxed and calm.

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Lounge rooms and game spaces

Companies like technology startups incorporate lounge areas and game spaces into the office design where employees can unwind over breaks. It may look like a counterproductive strategy since places of work are meant for working. Still, it turns out that companies incorporating these designs into the workspace have off-the-chart productivity levels.

Instead of having lunch at your desk, you can go and enjoy your meal with colleagues on a cozy couch and afterward play a game of air hockey or foosball, then go back to work feeling relaxed and energetic. This is a very effective strategy in increasing productivity at work since it takes away the boredom that normally people just force themselves to work through.

Use of color psychology

Visitor management modern office design trendsColor has been known to induce certain emotions in human beings. Colors like yellow supposedly induce happiness, blue induces a feeling of calmness, white brings ease, and orange power. The use of these colors in the office has different effects on the employees. Some colors help them get their creative spirit and others into the working mood.

Office interior designers have started using color psychology in office designs to bring out positive emotions in the employees. The emotions induced are bound to increase productivity in the office. Focus is put on colors believed to bring out the relaxation, good moods, creativity, and perseverance.

Use of ergonomic designs

We all know that discomfort warrants a lack of productivity. You are less productive when your back hurts from that uncomfortable seat you’ve been on all day. Introducing ergonomic designs into the workspace is very beneficial not just in terms of productivity but also in the general health of your employees.

Bad seats are a cause of several back-related problems and fatigue. Companies have been keen to introduce ergonomic and active furniture like sit-stand chairs, chair balls, height-adjustable desks, standing mats, and even bike chairs.

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