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Greetly prints professional visitor badges giving companies a simple, cost-effective and tech-forward welcome for all visitors while protecting employees.

Originally published by Brother. Reposted with permission.


Office administration can be costly and time-consuming. Greetly, a customizable digital receptionist app for modern offices, automates your organization’s front desk, allowing you to focus on more important things like bettering your business and growing sales. Greetly helps small offices get more done for about the cost of your morning coffee. The visitor management system:

  • Checks in visitors
  • Receives food orders and deliveries
  • Captures visitor photos and e-signatures on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Prints visitor badges
  • Registers event attendees
  • Increases near the door productivity
  • Helps position your company as innovative in the marketplace

The Greetly app is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and 100% white-labeled so organizations can display their own branding. From the iOS or Android™ app, visitors simply tap the purpose of their visit, who they are there to see, and enter their name. Greetly instantly notifies employees via phone, text, email or slack and stores the guest’s information in a digital visitor log.

What is a Visitor Management System?  How does it impact your business?  ️ Download the free ebook and learn more today.

The Need

Greetly founder Dave Milliken frequently visited professional services companies where he found that they often devoted significant effort to create an inviting foyer, lobby, or guest reception area in order to create a positive first impression. He also discovered that many of those companies were using old-school binders containing sheets of paper for visitor registration. Not only did this diminish the inviting, positive welcome, but it also offered little, if any, security of guest information. Dave’s resolution? The Greetly app.

To meet all visitor management needs, Greetly required visitor badges and a badge printing solution that worked seamlessly with the app. Greetly needed a wireless high-quality label printer that was compatible with its app to create visitor badges with the appropriate information to help companies better track their visitors. It chose Brother label printers for their wireless capability and outstanding reliability, as well as the ability for Brother to distribute the printers to Greetly’s clients on demand.

What is a Visitor Management System?  How does it impact your business?  ️ Download the free ebook and learn more today.

The Product

Visitor badge printer

Greetly uses Brother label printers for consistent quality and reliable output. The built-in wireless interface of the Brother QL-820nwb label printers offer easy connectivity to print from virtually anywhere without being tethered to a computer – ideal for an automated reception process. Greetly partnered with Brother to develop label printing solutions to print directly from Brother Wi-Fi enabled label printers.

Additional benefits of the Brother QL-820nwb include high-resolution printing, a built-in label cutter, and easy-to-replace drop-in roll refills. With both Brother products, Greetly can also offer amazing two-color (red and black) labels to their customers on the fly.

The Outcome

Brother recommends Greetly's visitor management system

With Greetly, companies can create a simple, cost-effective, and tech-forward welcome for all visitors. From community office spaces to creative services environments, businesses rely on Greetly to welcome guests and keep their information secure. As an integral part of the reception process, Greetly counts on Brother label printers to reliably print professional visitor badges.

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